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Pink Perfection lily

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marg20-Jul-04 07:22 AM EST
dm20-Jul-04 08:40 PM EST 3   
marg21-Jul-04 07:57 AM EST 5a   

Subject: Pink Perfection lily
From: marg
Date: 20-Jul-04 07:22 AM EST

I have a very nice Pink Perfection lily. Last year it did very well for me. it only had 2 stalks but it had 5 flowers. We have since had to move it to our new farm and it doesn't seem to be doing to well. The plant is growing well but all the buds are turning yellow and it looks like something may be eating them. I looked around at the other plants and didn't see any pests-I was looking for the dreaded beetle but never saw anything at all. I was also wondering if the clay soil had something to do with this. Before I planted, I did add lots of organic matter and some triple mix to the soil. Any ideas what may be wrong with my plant? Thanks, marg

Subject: RE: Pink Perfection lily
From: dm
Zone: 3
Date: 20-Jul-04 08:40 PM EST

I can't be certain what your problem is, Marg, but I'll share my experience since I too garden in quite heavy clay soil. Lilies need superb drainage, so I mix organic matter with the soil, but I also put a handful of sand or small gravel at the bottom of the hole for each lily bulb so that it never sits in wet soil (I do the same for other bulbs, too. Seems to help.) I don't know about your area, but ours has been getting quite a lot of rain this summer (at least the drought is over!!) Could that be the problem?

Subject: RE: Pink Perfection lily
From: marg
Zone: 5a
Date: 21-Jul-04 07:57 AM EST

Good morning dm. Thanks for the tip about putting the gravel into the hole before planting. I'll have to try it. We have been getting lots of rain in our area. I had thought that might be part of the problem but my other lilies are doing just fine. I did break open one of the yellowing buds but I never saw any bugs in it. Maybe I'll just lift it in the fall, put in some gravel and hope for the best. marg

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