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Tree suggestions... Can someone help??

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Andy18-Jul-04 11:58 AM EST 8   
Glen18-Jul-04 10:19 PM EST 7   

Subject: Tree suggestions... Can someone help??
From: Andy
Zone: 8
Date: 18-Jul-04 11:58 AM EST

Hello, I live in Powell River, B.C. in the lower mainland on the west coast of British Columbia. I am looking for a medium-sized shade-providing tree for our front yard, which is in full sun. It needs to be disease resistant and have a non-invasive root system. Spring flowering would be a bonus... does anyone have any suggestions on a tree that meets this criteria???


Andy - Powell River, B.C.

Subject: RE: Tree suggestions... Can someone help??
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 18-Jul-04 10:19 PM EST

Andy--this is such an open question, everyone will have their favorite trees.

Your idea of medium size tree might be different from mine, I'm going with smaller than full sized forest trees but bigger than a jap. maple.

Dogwoods are a bit on the small size until they're quite old, but have that spring bloom. Satomi pink japanese dogwood is my favorite, June blooms longer lasting on disease free trees.

Katsura (cercidiphyllum) and redbud (cercis) are two you might also look at, the first is just foliage but very nice esp. in fall, while the redbud has neat pink flowers on it's bare stems in spring.

good luck, Im sure others have ideas too!


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