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Lawn infested with ants and grubs

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Susan17-Jul-04 10:36 AM EST 5   
Nancy20-Jul-04 02:23 PM EST 5   
sheilann@telus.net25-Jul-04 06:40 AM EST   
Daniel10-Apr-05 06:43 AM EST   
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Dave11-Apr-05 05:03 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Lawn infested with ants and grubs
From: Susan
Zone: 5
Date: 17-Jul-04 10:36 AM EST

Hi. I am brand new at gardening the organic way. I have these issues to deal with: 1. Lawn infested with ants and grubs. 2.Mushrooms growing in the lawn. 3.Japanese Beetles attacking my Hibiscus bush. Can anyone tell me what might work in dealing with these problems? Thanks!

Subject: RE: Lawn infested with ants and grubs
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 20-Jul-04 02:23 PM EST

I can help with a couple of these.

Ants: if there are only a few small colonies I'd leave them alone. Otherwise, sprinkle ant mounds with diatomaceous earth or pour boiling water over the mounds.

Grubs: I had great success with the parasitic nematodes. Follow the instructions carefully re. the timing of treatment (I don't remember when was the best) and watering well both before and after applying.

Mushrooms: Just kick 'em. There's no good way, organic or otherwise, of eliminating the fungus from the soil.

Japanese beetles: Aside from picking and squishing, I can't give any good advice there ........... never had them.

Good luck.

Subject: RE: Lawn infested with ants and grubs
Date: 25-Jul-04 06:40 AM EST

I love the Just Kick em about the mushrooms I tried for years to get rid of fairy rings in alberta and had no success and I think you have the answer

Subject: RE: Lawn infested with ants and grubs
From: Daniel
Date: 10-Apr-05 06:43 AM EST

I live in southwestern Ontario. My lawn is quite infested with grubs. I can already turn up the sod and see the little suckers. There is alot of confusion on my part, as what chemical product to use and when to apply it. My thought is to apply now and throughout the growing season. HELP.

Subject: RE: Lawn infested with ants and grubs
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 11-Apr-05 02:28 PM EST


My understanding is that the treatments (either chemical or organic) only work when the grubs are really active, i.e. it may be too early. Check with your local garden centre about a product called Grub Out.

Subject: RE: Lawn infested with ants and grubs
From: Dave
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-Apr-05 05:03 PM EST

Daniel: Nancy is right, seems to me it is June. Skunks and raccoons just love the things and will really do a job on your lawn if they can. It probably won't help your lawn too much this year, you have to do it every year and if don't get your neighbors to do it also the problem won't go away easily. Pick your day carefully, you will need the rain after doing it. I had my done commercial but others around have used garden centre products with good results.

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