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Can't Grow Root Crops!?

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Nancy05-Jul-04 07:16 PM EST 5   

Subject: Can't Grow Root Crops!?
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 05-Jul-04 07:16 PM EST

For some strange reason I seem to have no luck at all growing root crops. For several seasons now I gotten stunted carrots, pathetic onions, so-so garlic, and now non-existant radishes.

My soil is a nice sandy loam, that I add composted manure to and turn every spring with a garden fork, then am very careful not to compact with foot traffic. The garden is likely to be somewhat acidic, being rather close to a number of very large spruces. I plant what likes cool soil as soon as is practical. I've tried onions from seed, seedlings and from sets.

I get plenty of top growth, but don't use a lot of high nitrogen fertilizer (a little 20:20:20 at worst). Any above ground crops have done famously, with repeated bumper crops of tomatos, peppers, beans, peas, lettuces, broccoli, cucumbers, zuchini, etc.

Can anyone please tell me what on earth am I doing wrong? Or am I destined to be grazing above ground only while I garden here?

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