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Sick Sunburst Locust

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Peggy21-Jun-04 07:26 AM EST 7   
Simon in Kingston12-Jul-04 08:57 AM EST 6a   
Doug13-Jul-04 02:38 PM EST 6   
23-Jul-04 08:12 AM EST   
Al in mississauga20-Jun-08 02:08 PM EST   
mh10-Jun-11 04:23 AM EST   
GreginOakville23-Aug-13 09:09 AM EST 6a   

Subject: Sick Sunburst Locust
From: Peggy
Zone: 7
Date: 21-Jun-04 07:26 AM EST

Our mature Sunburst Locust has a very thin canopy this year and the new growth has either died or been eaten. There are several little green aphid like bugs crawling around on the patio area underneath the tree. Any idea of what the problem might be and what I should do?

Subject: RE: Sick Sunburst Locust
From: Simon in Kingston
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Jul-04 08:57 AM EST

Same thing happening here in Kingston. About 60% of the Honeylocusts in town are severly defoliated. I don't know what the pest is but I'm not surprised it's happening. Forward thinking urban foresters have preaching diversity for years. Two of the examples they gave were Austrian Pine and Honeylocust. Both had an existing pest/pathogen that was gaining strength because of the ever increasing densities of those two tree species.

As for what to do.... 1) Do nothing and hope the tree recovers and the pest population crashes before the tree is permanently damaged. 2) Treat the tree with a systemic pesticide (ie. Cygon) knowing that it may help it this year but you will probably have to reapply every year until the pest population crashes. (Cygon is about to be unavailable in Canada) 3) See what the organic pest control people recommend? If it's a large tree, they will probably recommend Option 1. If it's relatively small, they may be able to spray it with Bt or an insecticidal soap?


Subject: RE: Sick Sunburst Locust
From: Doug (
Zone: 6
Date: 13-Jul-04 02:38 PM EST

Our locust and many around in Oakville are affected as well. We called the town (as many are the city trees) and they said it was aphids and leaf hoppers. Huge population this year, and locusts are like chocolate to them...they may lose all their leaves and go dormant, but should leaf out again in the spring. It is a heartbreak, though. Especially in small yards where there is just one or two trees. Keep fingers crossed!!

Subject: RE: Sick Sunburst Locust
Date: 23-Jul-04 08:12 AM EST

They are in Mississauga too. My neighbour has been calling them "leaf hoppers". She hasn't found anything to kill them, but the Robins are doing a good job keeping the numbers down. Apparently their season is May/June/July, so they should die out shortly. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Sick Sunburst Locust
From: Al in mississauga
Date: 20-Jun-08 02:08 PM EST

I have a question regarding the trimming of a sunburst locust. One branch stretches out over my driveway, its starting to hang very low and now when it rains they sit on the tops of my cars. Part of this branch is dead and it is about 8 inches around at the trunk. I was wondering if it will damage the tree if I remove this branch back to the trunk? I just finished sweeping up about 2 blue boxes full of seeds from my driveway after that bad storm hit last weekend and I also have that irritating green aphid problem as well. One other problem I have is, there seems to be a fungus growing from the base of the truck, up through all the branches, should I be worried? Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks AL

Subject: RE: Sick Sunburst Locust
From: mh
Date: 10-Jun-11 04:23 AM EST

My locust is sick this year 2011 and I would like to know how your trees have survived the green bug infestation

Subject: RE: Sick Sunburst Locust
From: GreginOakville
Zone: 6a
Date: 23-Aug-13 09:09 AM EST

Well it's August 2013 and I just found out our "ratty" tree at the side of the house is a honey locust. It has never looked worse and I'm sure the town is going to paint the dreaded red X on the trunk soon. However, previous entries on this topic seem to indicate a wait and see approach. Do the leaves really come back the next year?

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