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Joanna14-Jun-04 07:50 AM EST 5b   
Gigi zone 4b14-Jun-04 04:53 PM EST   
Debbie15-Jun-04 09:55 AM EST 8   
joanna19-Jun-04 03:01 PM EST 5b   
Patricia20-Jun-04 01:21 PM EST 5   

Subject: Snowball bush
From: Joanna (
Zone: 5b
Date: 14-Jun-04 07:50 AM EST

What is making the leaves on my Snowball bush curl and get all distorted? I cant really see anything on the leaves.How can I stop this Thanks

Subject: RE: Snowball bush
From: Gigi zone 4b
Date: 14-Jun-04 04:53 PM EST

I have the same problem every year. I have lots of aphids. Some are on the stems, either greenish or black in color.

If you unroll the leaves you will find some interesting little visitors in them doing major damage.

I use insecticidal soap.If I had enough water pressure I would try a strong spray of water on the bush. Apparently it makes them fall to the ground.

Hope this helps out.

Subject: RE: Snowball bush
From: Debbie
Zone: 8
Date: 15-Jun-04 09:55 AM EST

Joanna..are you sure you can't see any damage when you uncurl a leaf? It is most likely leaf rollers (whom LOVE snowball bush)and once most people notice the damage then it usually is to late for the year to do anything. They have probably did their thing and are on their merry way. Next spring you will have to be on top of it and keep a check . Once you notice they are back then use a systemic control or BT. Using insecticidal soap unfortunatly is useless because it does not come in contact with the caterpillar. Once they roll up the leaves they are very well protected.

Subject: RE: Snowball bush
From: joanna (
Zone: 5b
Date: 19-Jun-04 03:01 PM EST

Thank you Debbie and Gigi for your help!Debbie I think your correct it must be leaf rollers,I checked again and inside the rolled up leaf was something that looked like a web with something inside of it.What can I do next year to stop this? Do I spray before the leaves emerge or just after the leaves open? Thanks again!!

Subject: RE: Snowball bush
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 20-Jun-04 01:21 PM EST

I just finished spraying a huge snowball bush with Cygon 2E to get rid of sawfly larvae, little green wormy things, which were busy turning each and every lead into a skeleton. Cygon 2E is a really good systemic - it goes into the leaves and when the worms eat the leaves, they die! So a direct hit on the bug is not necessary.

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