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Laurie Parkinson13-Jun-04 10:50 AM EST 8   
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Subject: Nontoxic ways to kill aphids
From: Laurie Parkinson
Zone: 8
Date: 13-Jun-04 10:50 AM EST

I've heard of several ways to kill aphids on my dahlias. Whats the best way:

1) Cayenne pepper / soap solution.

2) Safers insecticide soap.

3) Ladybugs...(*see below)

4) Vacuuming or water jets to get them off? (You can vacuum them off by taping a straw into your shop vac or dustbuser - works very well but it is slow!)

5) Squishing em?

* My husband told me about a ladybug infestation caused by importing ladybugs to a mining town that had aphid problems on a reforestation project - The biologist that did it got blamed everyday for the huge population explosion of ladybugs - he would be singled out for the next year as the "ladybug man" by childeren on the street

Laurie and Graham

Subject: RE: Nontoxic ways to kill aphids
From: dm
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Jun-04 03:48 PM EST

Squishing them is very effective (and very satisfying!) if you only have a small number of aphids. Using a hard spray of water to wash them off the plant works if your plant is not easily damaged by the force of the stream. Ladybugs would be a great idea, but there's no guarantee they'll stay in your yard and eat your bugs...they have wings! I don't know about the pepper solution, but I do know that insecticidal soap works extremely well. It usually doesn't harm the plants, but gets rid of the aphids. You'll have to reapply after 7 to 10 days to catch any newly hatched bugs. (Or are they born live? I can't remember.) At any rate, spraying more than once makes sure you've gotten rid of them...until the next batch are laid! Good luck.

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