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My columnar tree is bending over!

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sarah m12-Jun-04 08:54 AM EST 3a   
Patricia12-Jun-04 02:30 PM EST 5   
Debbie14-Jun-04 10:02 AM EST 8   

Subject: My columnar tree is bending over!
From: sarah m (
Zone: 3a
Date: 12-Jun-04 08:54 AM EST

HELP - I put in a columnar poplar or swedish aspen (I have to check my receipts to remember which it is) in fall of 2002. Last summer it grew 2ft+ and did great. This year it appears to be doing terrific, but in last month the top 2-3 feet of the trunk is bending over. I can't see anything wrong with the tree. It was not staked as I understand you build better tension strength in trucks without them. It is now around 9ft tall (I'm bad at estimating) - what do I do? Worried and confused in Edm-sarah

Subject: RE: My columnar tree is bending over!
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 12-Jun-04 02:30 PM EST

Sarah - we had a similar problem with a spruce a few years ago, until we spoke to the nursery that sold it to us and discovered that it was supposed to do that! Meaning it was a type of tree that is meant to bend over and cover the ground - believe it or not. I'm not saying that this is what is happening to your tree, but I do think the wisest thing would be to talk to the owner of the nursery where you purchased it. If you have the paperwork from the purchase, so much the better.

Subject: RE: My columnar tree is bending over!
From: Debbie
Zone: 8
Date: 14-Jun-04 10:02 AM EST

You know what Sarah....don't worry. Since it's a very fast grower it does this. It put out all that new growth and then flushed out and the new foliage is just a bit heavey right now. Over time , this season it will balance out and be just fine. Being only 9 feet tall right now with a 2+ ft of new growth, the new growth will have a smaller caliper. Just has to catch up is all!

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