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Brenda14-Jun-04 09:45 AM EST 3a   
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Subject: Aphids?
From: Karen
Zone: 5a
Date: 10-Jun-04 11:48 AM EST

I think I may have Aphids in my garden, but I'm not sure. I planted 4 shrubs in May and they were beautiful at first. Now, they are browning and the leaves seem to be drying out (I've been watering regularly). I also noticed that MANY carpenter ants have appeared around my garden and I know that ants are attracted to the aphid honeydew. I have not actually seen any aphids though. I thought it may be a good idea to purchase some lady beetles. Any thoughts?

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 11-Jun-04 12:45 PM EST

Doesn't sound like aphids to me. If they're there, you will be able to see them. And carpenter ants don't associate with aphids, that's another smaller species that does that. There are just a lot of them around this time of year.

I have aphids on a dogwood. The symptom is stunted and distorted leaves, with the aphids being very visible.

Are you sure you're not watering too much???

Subject: RE: Aphids?
Date: 13-Jun-04 10:41 AM EST

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Karen
Zone: 5a
Date: 14-Jun-04 08:19 AM EST

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your reply. I noticed 2 nights ago after dark that a spider had made a web on my centre shrub ( a Japanese willow shrub with dark green leaves and white flowers on top) Anyway, the web seemed to be catching what looked like whiteflies. I have released ladybugs (just to see what happens) and I also gave the shrubs a blast of water. I hope my shrubs survive. Thanks again, Karen

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Brenda
Zone: 3a
Date: 14-Jun-04 09:45 AM EST

Hi there,

I'm sure I have aphids on a Dogwood as well. The leaves were looking shriveled and curled under. I unrolled a few and there were tiny green bugs inside. My local nursery suggested Doktor Doom spray to use now and also an application of Dormant Oil in late fall and very early spring (when the plants are dormant). Apparently the Dormant Oil kills the aphid larva which over-winter on the plant. Hope that helps.


Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Gigi
Zone: 4b
Date: 14-Jun-04 05:25 PM EST

Hi, My daughter had the same problem with a tree she had purchased in a nursery. Problem was that the tree came from a warmer zone and it was too soon to plant in our zone. We had a lot of frost, which didn`t help.

I took a knife and just scratch the surface of a branch, it was green underneath which ment it was still alive, it did lose all it`s leaves but this year it has survived.


Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Nancy
Zone: 8a
Date: 28-Jul-04 08:47 AM EST

Aphids, whiteflies, and other insects are out of control on my annuals (nicotiana, verbena) this summer and I haven't seen one ladybug. They are usually everywhere in my garden. I have been using Safer's insecticidal soap lately but pests return in full force in less than one week. Where are the ladybugs and what can I do?

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Jul-04 06:39 PM EST

To Nancy: short of buying ladybugs and spreading them in your garden, I don't think there's much you can do to attract the wild ones. A blast of water from a hose will usually get rid of the aphids. Just outside Ottawa, I haven't seen ONE so far this year. Some years, the nasturtiums are covered with the black aphids, and the roses with green ones.

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: Nancy
Zone: 8a
Date: 29-Jul-04 10:58 AM EST

Perhaps the aphids have moved from Ontario to B.C.?? I have been spraying my annuals with water daily as well as using Safer's insecticidal soap weekly. The water knocks a lot of bugs off but they are thick again the next day. Aphids also seem to survive the soap spayed directly on them. I'm wondering if I have soap-resistant bugs. I have used these methods for many years with success but nothing is working this year. We are having a very hot, dry summer. I just read about using a mixture of dish detergent, water, and alcohol so may try this. Any suggestions?

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: dian
Date: 12-Aug-04 12:40 PM EST

The problem with using anything other than water to hose off the aphids is that you can also kill the insects natural enemies too. Iraely have problems with infestation because I let the good guys kill off the bad guys. I also encourage the birds to visit my garden to eat the aphids I have knocked onto the groundTo encourage the ladybugs to live in your garden grow Queen Anne,s lace This plant attracts the aphids which the lady bugs seem to know and will stick around your garden to deal with them and on other plants.

Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: GlenT
Zone: 7
Date: 13-Aug-04 08:09 AM EST

Nancy--it is so frustrating when the aphids take a liking to your beloved plants! And why one year after so many carefree ones?

I'm growing verbena, and lots of other bedding plants here in Surrey, and haven't actuallyn noticed aphids so far. I'm trying to think why they would target your plants.

It;'s been said that aphids are attracted to plants fed an abundance of nitrogen...I have seen this after liquid feeding plants and seeing a bit of an upsurge in the aphid population.

My flower beds are given a layer of compost each spring, and a bit of lime. Otherwise, I don't do the fertilizer thing on flowers...have you been giving yours anything thru the summer?

Just trying to play detective on this one!


Subject: RE: Aphids?
From: David Cummins (
Zone: 6b
Date: 01-Mar-09 03:14 PM EST

I grow a large number of seedlings under lights and in spite of care and cleanliness I always seem to have some aphid problems. Since I am not concerned with killing preditor insects in the house, I have tried various types of environmentaly friendly products with limited success. I was wondering what others have found the most effective product or home remedy mix.

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