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onion maggots

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janine07-Jun-04 12:28 PM EST 2b   
Patricia 07-Jun-04 04:05 PM EST 5   
Janine13-Jun-04 09:19 AM EST 2b   

Subject: onion maggots
From: janine (
Zone: 2b
Date: 07-Jun-04 12:28 PM EST

For the past couple of years my onions have been infested with nasty little black-headed maggots. It doesn't seem to matter where I plant the sets, the green tops wilt and when I pull them the bulb is crawling. Any suggestions for control - would row covers protect them? Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: onion maggots
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 07-Jun-04 04:05 PM EST

Hi! Janine - we tried row covers but lots of weeds grow in there along with the onions and onions don't like competing plants - so then we tried diatomaceous earth - made of crushed seashells, very sharp, the maggots don't like it. Well, that works sometimes. I've also heard people recommend ashes from fireplace - works in same way. We have tried Diazinon - it works just fine. However we would prefer to go "organic" so this year we are trying an idea recommended by Marjorie Harris - citrus peels. We drop our oranges peels, lemon and lime rinds in amongst the onions and leeks. We will see if it works. It is also recommended that you not plant onions and leeks in the same place each year. You can also try planting your onions in amongst other vegetables, not all together. This is supposed to "confuse" the bugs. Eh, eh, eh!!

Subject: RE: onion maggots
From: Janine (
Zone: 2b
Date: 13-Jun-04 09:19 AM EST

Thanks Patricia: I would also like to garden as organically as possible. I usually grow my onions mixed in with other vegetables and flowers and I must have very focused bugs 'cause they find the onions every time. I'll try citrus peels and/or diatomaceous earth before I resort to diazinon.

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