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Emerald vs. Pyramid

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Krystal27-May-04 08:46 AM EST 7b   
D Wood27-May-04 10:14 AM EST   
Glen27-May-04 10:25 PM EST 7   

Subject: Emerald vs. Pyramid
From: Krystal
Zone: 7b
Date: 27-May-04 08:46 AM EST

Hi There

I am wondering if there is a great debate out there as to which is better for a hedge, emeral cedars or pyramid cedars. They will be planted on the north side of our yard our house is to the south of the hedge. Thanks all

Subject: RE: Emerald vs. Pyramid
From: D Wood
Date: 27-May-04 10:14 AM EST

Cedars of any type require huge amounts of water, this will probably be disputed by many, my experience with my neighbours hedges is that they drain my lawn and shrubs of water as the roots of the cedars spread like spaghetti. In these days of water conservation, perhaps consider those facts!

Subject: RE: Emerald vs. Pyramid
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 27-May-04 10:25 PM EST

Krystal--I understand the pyramidalis would make a better solid hedge, and grow upward quicker.

Emerald's make a nicer "good neighbour" hedge--somewhat see thru with the more coneshaped plants, growing upward somewhat slower and shorter in ultimate height. Nicer colour and texture with the emeralds in my experience.

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