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Mercyy24-May-04 06:19 PM EST 5a   
Jeff25-May-04 12:10 PM EST   

Subject: Ferns?
From: Mercyy
Zone: 5a
Date: 24-May-04 06:19 PM EST

I live in Zone 5A and would like some suggestions for ferns that grow well in dry shady areas?

Subject: RE: Ferns?
From: Jeff (
Date: 25-May-04 12:10 PM EST

Most ferns prefer a moist shady location. However, I have grown ferns in a sunny dry spot. Our definitions of dry probably differ. In my spot there are a few large shrubs and trees right next to them. i can only guess to the extent that the roots of the trees strangle the ground. I have to water fairly frequently to keep them growing. I have ostrich, cinnamon, christmas and sensitive ferns in this area. Over the last couple of years the sensitive ferns have started to die off.

Through the summer season, the stress of the summer heat and the lack of water shows through in the performance of the ferns. They get quite ratty.

If there is a means by which you can keep them watered; I would try almost any fern.

I have installed simple drip misters in the garden to allow me to water at night. I turn it on for an hour.

I think that if you leave them to fight out an existance in the location you have described, you won't get to enjoy their full beauty.


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