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what to do with oleander?

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Linda11-May-04 07:10 PM EST 6a   
crocus12-May-04 07:00 PM EST   
Linda15-May-04 08:55 AM EST   
crocus15-May-04 05:53 PM EST   

Subject: what to do with oleander?
From: Linda
Zone: 6a
Date: 11-May-04 07:10 PM EST

I bought an oleander plant at a church bazaar last October. It is in a 6" pot, and is about 3 feet tall, with one main stem & 2 side stems. Should I put it outside for the summer? If so, should I keep it in a pot or plant directly in the soil? Full sun or part shade? When should I bring it back in? What pests might it be susceptible to? When and how much should it be pruned? Does it need any fertilizer? If so when, what kind and how often? Any info you could give me would be gratefully received! Thanks!!!

Subject: RE: what to do with oleander?
From: crocus
Date: 12-May-04 07:00 PM EST

Linda.This plant should be transplanted to a larger pot. They are survivers so in the fall you can trim it back by about 1/3. I like to grow my own in a pot on the patio,but you can remove them from the pot and plant them in your garden,in early fall before the first night frost you have to bring them inside at which time you do the pruning. Over the winter they don't need much water and no fertilizer at all,you will see a lot of leaves drop from the plant,but this is only because of the change in lightconditions. Oleander will attrack spidermite,but I have never seen one yet in my own. Over the growing season(which starts now) fertilize with a 15-30-15 fertilizer every time you water at half the recommended strength.

Subject: RE: what to do with oleander?
From: Linda
Date: 15-May-04 08:55 AM EST

Thanks for the info, crocus. That's a big help. Is your patio location in full sun or partial? My patio area is west facing, full sun, so I think it might be too hot? Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

Subject: RE: what to do with oleander?
From: crocus
Date: 15-May-04 05:53 PM EST

Linda.My patio is in full sun. The best thing to do in a situation like this is,plant the Oleander in a red plastic pot. Black pots will absorb more heat and the soil will dry faster.

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