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Propagating Hardy Fuschia

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Val06-May-04 11:53 PM EST 8a   
Glen07-May-04 07:34 AM EST 7   
Val07-May-04 06:22 PM EST 8   
Ann 10-May-04 04:47 PM EST   

Subject: Propagating Hardy Fuschia
From: Val
Zone: 8a
Date: 06-May-04 11:53 PM EST

My hardy fuschia (forget its name, but grows about 2' high and has small red trumpets with purple corollas) is sprouting up nicely this spring. My friend would love a piece of it -- can I divide it?

Subject: RE: Propagating Hardy Fuschia
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 07-May-04 07:34 AM EST

Val-I wouldn't try dividing it, personally. Maybe if it is huge and has spread into quite a mass of stems, but it's generally just one plant/shrub. Not conducive to dividing, esp. right now with it sprouting up quickly.

I find them super easy to root cuttings, tho this will mean no substantial plant for your friend till next year. But stick 3in. tips of the new growth into soiless mix, in a shady spot or under grow lights with lots of watering/misting.

Some bottom heat makes them root very quickly. Plastic overtop if you can't mist them often.

I have 3 or 4 varieties myself, I want to get more types...actually quite a few different types available. And last winter I found most of the so called tender varieties survived, so we have quite a selection of those sprouting up in the garden now as well. Fuschias can get pretty addictive from what I've seen!


Subject: RE: Propagating Hardy Fuschia
From: Val
Zone: 8
Date: 07-May-04 06:22 PM EST

That's what I figured, but thought I would check with the experts on this board. I'll snip off a few sprouts and pot them up, and my friend will just have to be patient!



Subject: RE: Propagating Hardy Fuschia
From: Ann
Date: 10-May-04 04:47 PM EST

I've been very lucky taking cuttings too. I just cut the tips and sink them into potting soil and then put a plastic bag over the pot to keep them moist, works every time.

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