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Composting domestic refuse

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Danielle05-May-04 07:32 AM EST 5b   
09-May-04 08:39 PM EST   
tom dawson10-May-04 06:35 AM EST 3a   
Nancy22-May-04 05:50 PM EST 5   

Subject: Composting domestic refuse
From: Danielle
Zone: 5b
Date: 05-May-04 07:32 AM EST

I'm new at composting. All winter long, to ny husband's dismay, I kept domestic refuse and piled it in a big rubbermaid tub. 1. How do I keep this "soup" because it really stinks when I open the cover. Do I put drainage holes in the bottom of the bin ? Add earth to it ?. I really don't want to annoy my neighbors as they are the manicured type gardeners and I'm of the "wild and adventurous" type (sort of):) REALLY need help here.

Danielle (Chambly, Quebec)

Subject: RE: Composting domestic refuse
Date: 09-May-04 08:39 PM EST

Subject: RE: Composting domestic refuse
From: tom dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 10-May-04 06:35 AM EST

hi danielle, glad to hear you are getting into composting. i am sure once you get used to the formula you will find it really quite rewarding as you add the final results back into your garden. the only real trick to compost is balance. the only thing to remember is to try and balance the "wet and dry" components by adding more dry material when you "dump" from the kithcen. the other balance is "green and brown" material -- meaing grass clippings (green) need to be balanced with "brown" (like leaves). to get rid of the "smell" try adding a small layer of soil over top of the new material. hope this helps... if you want to read a lot more about composting try typing in "composting" in the search bar on the home page (upper right hand corner).. you'll find hundreds of articles, books, forum items and even events...
happy composting...

Subject: RE: Composting domestic refuse
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 22-May-04 05:50 PM EST

Hi Danielle,

Kitchen waste will get pretty high if kept at room temperature for any length of time. I keep a container under my sink that holds about a week's worth of vegetable and fruit waste. The container is always lined on the bottom with a coffee filter and grounds from one of the weekend's pots of coffee. That keeps the smell from getting too bad. Once a week I dump the contents into the outdoor composter and cover with a couple of handfuls of loose leaves I keep beside the bin from the fall. I add to the compost all winter regardless of the weather - the freeze thaw action helps break it all down. Come spring nothing is recognizable and nothing has ever smelled in the bin.

For better direction on how to do it, check out the Composting Council of Canada website:

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