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Lilly Beetle assistance needed

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aileen reid01-May-04 03:20 AM EST 5a   
Patricia01-May-04 09:26 AM EST 5   
Mary13-May-04 05:51 AM EST 4b   
Grigg Kellokc13-May-04 09:25 AM EST   
Mary13-May-04 10:50 AM EST 4b   
Jeff14-May-04 04:02 AM EST   
Chris17-May-04 10:29 AM EST   
Nancy20-May-04 02:17 PM EST 5   
LindaM07-Jun-04 02:12 AM EST 3b   

Subject: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: aileen reid
Zone: 5a
Date: 01-May-04 03:20 AM EST

My lillies are now poking nicely out of the ground; and like last year and the year before, it won't belong before I'm swampped with the Lilly Beetle. Does anyone have a real solution that works for the season.

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 01-May-04 09:26 AM EST

Two solutions: squish the little buggers by hand OR RAID House and Garden spray. Either works.

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Mary
Zone: 4b
Date: 13-May-04 05:51 AM EST

Hi Aileen,I did a fair amount of research on these terrible pests last year. I grow hundreds of lilies and noticed the population and damage was increasing. They are a terrible pest without a natural predator that was brought in from Europe. As you know they are a beetle in a hot red suit with an amazing appetite for lilies. That seems to be the only thing on their diet. I wish they would enjoy the dandelions. I was extremely delighted to find out there was a spray available. The active chemical is called "IMIDACLOPRID". Then come to find out it is still being investigated by the governments "food and Drug". I believe in Canada it avaiable to the landscappers only in the form of "Merit". So I couldn't buy it which was disappointing. I did bring a small amount in from the US where it is readily available in stores. It is sold as a concentrated liquid called "Bayer advanced rose and flower".There are many Bayer products,so you have to look for the ingredient"Imidacloprid". Does it work? absolutely!!! It isn't as great on the adults but it kills the larva dead. This year so far I've only hand picked a dozen(and swished them)I sprayed it on as the lilies were emerging. There are always a few overwintering aduts lurking in the mulch. The last few days I haven't seen any. I would love to think I've gotten them all but that would be wishful thinking. I will spray them every 2-6 weeks for control. The bayer product is great because it is in a base that once it dries on the leaves itstays on, even after a rainy days so you don't have to reapply.

Well that's all I can tell you about my experiances. I hope it offers you some hope. Mary

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Grigg Kellokc
Date: 13-May-04 09:25 AM EST

Doktor Doom House & Garden wors very well plus it will continue to eliminatwe them for weeks after the initial application.

Spray your rose stems early in the growth cycle with this product as well and prevent the insect pests from attacking the roses.

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Mary
Zone: 4b
Date: 13-May-04 10:50 AM EST

No offense Grigg, but I doubt if your Dr. Doom will work on the Red Lily beetle. It is a pest unlike anything I have seen before. They would laugh at residual pyrethrums. It is just really hard to kill.

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Jeff (
Date: 14-May-04 04:02 AM EST

Hi Aileen,

I just found these little buggers in my lilies last year. I was just out checking this year and found several in my Firtillarias and just starting to move in on my lilies. They didn't get a chance to do any damage yet. My advice is simple, thoroughly check each plant daily for the next couple of weeks and collect the beetles up. This way they will not get to do any damage and they won't get to lay any eggs. the eggs are very easy to spot. They are and cylindrical in shape and an orangy red colour. It is just a small investment in time without using nasty chemicals.

Once you find a few then I may even check 2 times a day. I don't give them a chance to settle in and get comfortable.

Good luck

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Chris
Date: 17-May-04 10:29 AM EST

I have found Diazanon to be effective on both adults and larvae.

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 20-May-04 02:17 PM EST

I go with the pick and squish method, and find it important to run my hands up the underside of the leaves to squash the eggs before they hatch.

The good news is that with keeping vigilant, I seem to have fewer to deal with so far this year. I also noticed that a few local bugs were eating the larvae. Perhaps something here finds them tasty after all!

Subject: RE: Lilly Beetle assistance needed
From: LindaM
Zone: 3b
Date: 07-Jun-04 02:12 AM EST

I have also had those nasty things for two years now - this year is not as bad. I spray them with a mixture of 1 tsp of liquid dish soap, 15 drops of spearmint essential oil and 2 litres of water mixed together in a spray bottle. I spray them at least twice a day, plus I squish them when I can.

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