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finding leak in pond liner

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Subject: finding leak in pond liner
From: Trish
Zone: 3
Date: 28-Apr-04 06:32 PM EST

The water level in my pond seems to be going down much too quickly for mere evaporation so I suspect a leak in my three year old liner. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find it that don't involve tearing the whole thing apart? Assuming I can find it, is it fixable? Many thanks.

Subject: RE: finding leak in pond liner
Date: 29-Apr-04 09:18 AM EST

The level of the water will stop going down once it has reached the leak. All you have to do is mark the level where the water is at right now and keep watching. Once the water stays at the same level, check the perimeter to spot the hole. To fix your problem you will have to remove more water. Your nursery can provide you with a patch kit. It's quite easy to fix.

Subject: RE: finding leak in pond liner
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 29-Apr-04 01:42 PM EST

This is from Canadian Gardening June 2002, an article called "Pond 911" - if the water loss is "consistent and gradual" the causes could be: a) evaporation (2 inches per week is normal) b) over-spraying - waterfalls and fountains over-shooting their boundaries or c) leaking supply pipe. Solutions: a) top up b) adjust the fountain or waterfall c) check outside water supply pipes for leaks, make sure clamps are tight. According to this article, a "leak" in the liner would cause "catastrophic water loss" - the solution, as the previous responder said is to wait till water stops draining, then look for hole or crack at that level (check under any folds in the liner) If the source of the leak is not apparent, scrub the line for a better view. Apply a patch, using the same material as the liner. A well-applied patch should last the lifetime of the liner itself.

Good luck!

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