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Ann L.28-Apr-04 04:13 PM EST 5b   
donna29-Apr-04 11:00 AM EST 3a   
Ann16-May-04 04:15 AM EST 3   

Subject: Moss
From: Ann L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 28-Apr-04 04:13 PM EST

I have a lawn area of about 50' across. It is shaded heavily by 10 mature sugar Maples, my grass is slowly being choked out by moss, anyone have a solution to this problem? Please note:- Since there now are two Ann's posting, I will put Ann L. on mine.

Subject: RE: Moss
From: donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 29-Apr-04 11:00 AM EST

Hi Ann...I was just on Vancouver Island and saw so many lawns with moss in them and loved them all...wish I could have a moss lawn instead of grass...:) I guess I just don't see why you would want to get rid of that beautiful looking moss and have ugly grass instead :) why not work with it instead of against it and put down some bulbs this fall for next spring, bluebells, crocus, tiny daffs...and enjoy the moss. Enjoy the fact that it does not grow like grass so doesn't need to be cut so often, doesn't need any fertilizers or other products put on it..nor does it need water.

Subject: RE: Moss
From: Ann
Zone: 3
Date: 16-May-04 04:15 AM EST

Hi Donna

I agree with you regarding the moss. Since 2 years ago I have starting transplanting on naturalized moss between all my pathway rocks and through patches that are in the shade in lawns. I love the velvet look that contrast so well with the textures of rocks and pathways. In fact I like it so much that I have containers full of moss that I combine with Mother of Thyme and Scotch moss.

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