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Geese invasion

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EC27-Apr-04 09:53 AM EST 3a   
sarahm06-May-04 08:17 AM EST 3a   
Laurel Grasset28-Jun-04 01:23 PM EST 6a   
Patricia30-Jun-04 03:21 PM EST 5   
EC24-Feb-05 03:57 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Geese invasion
From: EC
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Apr-04 09:53 AM EST

The backyard of my house has a 5-foot high fence next to a lake where geese come back every spring and stay until the arrival of winter. In early spring, the geese intrude into my backyard, eat the grass and dump lots of unwelcome 'fertilizer' on the ground. I like wildlife, but it becomes a nuisance as extra work is needed before every mowing.

Does anyone have any tips on detering them from invading?

Subject: RE: Geese invasion
From: sarahm (moldaver@telusplanet.net)
Zone: 3a
Date: 06-May-04 08:17 AM EST

Lee Valley makes a motion-detection sprinkler which they advertise as being very good for getting rid of geese and other animals in the garden. $85 cdn If you don't receive their catalog you can check their website www.leevalley.com

Subject: RE: Geese invasion
From: Laurel Grasset (mooshiebear123@hotmail.com)
Zone: 6a
Date: 28-Jun-04 01:23 PM EST

We had the same problem last year around our pool. I research many sites and the one sugggestion that has worked beautifully is getting a large whale float toy to put in the pool. Its black, large and the motion keeps them away. This year too. Or they said any kind of wind tunnel flag like you see at the airports. They dont like motion.

Subject: RE: Geese invasion
From: Patricia (iris1@rogers.com)
Zone: 5
Date: 30-Jun-04 03:21 PM EST

Dear EC: I don't know if you have a pool, like the previous two responders to your email, but I guess you could still place a large whale toy in your yard or a wind sox or aluminum pie plates. With this last idea, you make a small hole in the rim, attach a length of string and tie the other end to branches, etc. The pie plates wave around in the wind, and might bother the geese. I don't know if you are the type of gardener who likes "ornaments" in your garden, but hey! start a trend!

Good luck!

Subject: RE: Geese invasion
From: EC
Zone: 3a
Date: 24-Feb-05 03:57 PM EST

I bought a colorful fish wind tunnel flag last June and tied it to a 8' bamboo stick. It seemed working well. I could only find a few goose droppings within its proximity afterward. I will set up some more this year and recommend this tip to others, not only because it works, it also brightens up your garden; colors on a green background, COOL!


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