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Glenda23-Apr-04 03:56 PM EST 6b   
Glen24-Apr-04 09:01 AM EST 7   
Laura24-Apr-04 02:25 PM EST 8   
Kevin Smith29-Jun-04 07:23 PM EST 5a   

Subject: European Crane Flies
From: Glenda
Zone: 6b
Date: 23-Apr-04 03:56 PM EST

Does anyone know how to control European Crane Flies? The grub stage are called Leatherjackets. This is a new pest that is just moving into Southern Ontario and no one seems to know how to get rid of it now that you can't get diazinon anymore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: RE: European Crane Flies
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 24-Apr-04 09:01 AM EST

Glenda--no answers from here, just a comment.

In the Vancouver, BC area we've had these things for several decades now. I remember in the '60s seeing walls covered in the flies, swarms of them all over lawns, etc. A real plague.

Now we see a few of them all the time, but personally I don't even think of them as a pest anymore. Course I'm not the fussiest of gardeners, but they certainly aren't highest priority for pest control with anyone I know here.

I guess my comment or thought is that they seemed to really explode in numbers when they first appeared, then either predators (starlings do great marching across the lawn extracting them!) or some other factors have made them decrease to a more "normal" level.

I'd be interested to know how it works out there, as well as any other comments from the left coast I the only one that has stopped thinking about leatherjackets nowadays?


Subject: RE: European Crane Flies
From: Laura (
Zone: 8
Date: 24-Apr-04 02:25 PM EST

We just saw one of these little guys yesterday. Funny thing, in Sask. we called them mosquito hawks, BC calls them leatherjackets and Ont calls them crane flies. Never did anything to them, just left them alone.

Subject: RE: European Crane Flies
From: Kevin Smith
Zone: 5a
Date: 29-Jun-04 07:23 PM EST

See Article

Steinernema feltiae is a specially selected beneficial insect parasitic nematode. Used to control leatherjackets and other fly larvae

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