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Ava21-Apr-04 06:42 PM EST
Beach gardening03-May-04 06:50 PM EST 5   
Chris11-May-04 09:44 AM EST 5a   
Patricia (aka Iris)11-May-04 06:51 PM EST 5   

Subject: Salt spray and Japanese Maples
From: Ava
Date: 21-Apr-04 06:42 PM EST

I have recently moved from Piedmont North Carolina (4 hours inland) to the second row at the beach. The leaves on my four potted Japanese Maples (about 2 ft. high each) are shriveling up, probably due to the salt spray. Can these trees survive if I bring them inside to a room with strong sunlight...or should I place them on the back deck, on the sound (Intracoastal Waterway) side, somewhat protected from wind and spray? I'd really like to keep these as small trees/bushes, if possible. I also have other plants I'd like to keep, such as blackberries, tomatoes, roses (the climbing, "hard to kill" variety), etc.

Thanks for any advice you can offer re: beach gardening! (Will leave now to look up my new zone!) Ava

Subject: RE: Salt spray and Japanese Maples
From: Beach gardening (
Zone: 5
Date: 03-May-04 06:50 PM EST

Ava - study the types of plants that occur in nature at the beach. They are good indications of what you can grow. A few things come to mind: one, the Tamarix, a beautiful shrub (sometimes known as the Salt Cedar). The foliage is very feathery and the flowers are like delicate pink plumes. The second would be shrub roses: in Maine at the beach I saw all kinds of single rugosa roses, the kind with the big red hips, growing wild. Another shrub I saw at a beach near Costa Mesa, just outside Los Angeles, was the beautiful mimosa - it belongs to the family of plants whose leaves fold up when touched. The flowers are little yellow puff-balls and they smell fantastic! Also, I've noticed that plants in pea family are often seen at the beach. Look on this as an opportunity to learn about new types of plants! I live in Ottawa, Canada: Japanese maples are just a dream to me - too cold!

Subject: RE: Salt spray and Japanese Maples
From: Chris
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-May-04 09:44 AM EST

Iris, I too live in Ottawa. Several of my neighbours successfully grow the Japanese maple 'Bloodgood' and last year I rather rashly bought a more tender cutleaf cultivar (Inido Shidare?), which seems to have survived the recent quite nasty winter very well. So give them a try!

Subject: RE: Salt spray and Japanese Maples
From: Patricia (aka Iris) (
Zone: 5
Date: 11-May-04 06:51 PM EST

Thanks, Chris. Do you and your neighbours locate your Japanese maples in very sheltered spots? We are outside the city, near the Casino/racetrack. The wind can be pretty stiff out here.

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