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zone 3 and removing winter mulch

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Jenny17-Apr-04 06:27 PM EST 3   
doris18-Apr-04 01:13 PM EST 3   
tom dawson18-Apr-04 02:59 PM EST 3a   
dawn18-Apr-04 05:56 PM EST 3   
Jenny19-Apr-04 07:47 AM EST 3   

Subject: zone 3 and removing winter mulch
From: Jenny
Zone: 3
Date: 17-Apr-04 06:27 PM EST

I have looked all over the internet for info on garden chores "to do list" by zone looking for answers/reminders on cycles of garden chores, especiallly as to when is the best time to remove mulched leaves from the perennial beds. The weather here fluctuates between -5 for an overnight low and today as high as 15 celcius during the daytime. The snow has gone and the grass is raked however there are still some patches of ice on the north side of our home in a very shady area. I have removed the heavy shreaded leaves to let the soil warm somewhat saving the dried leaves for a cold day or higher minus temps at night. We are expecting rain for 2 days and I did not want the plants to rot under the mulch. Please help... if you have any info or can direct me to a site with this info. Thank you. I lost 75% of my garden last year (no snow) and cannot afford another costly year of replacements of hostas, clematis, and many other perennials.

Subject: RE: zone 3 and removing winter mulch
From: doris
Zone: 3
Date: 18-Apr-04 01:13 PM EST

Calgary is in zone 3, and the Horticultural Society has a monthly to-do list on their website. You can find April's list at

If you scroll down, you will find links to other months' lists. Hope this helps you.

Subject: RE: zone 3 and removing winter mulch
From: tom dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Apr-04 02:59 PM EST

hi jenny, lone pine publishing puts out a calendar for the prairies (most of which in the zone 2-3 category) - also, i can tell you that donna had a ton of winter kill in previous years as a result of low snow cover, but she was out taking off the covers a week or so ago when we had the nicer weather with the belief we've seen the end of the really deep freeze....

Subject: RE: zone 3 and removing winter mulch
From: dawn
Zone: 3
Date: 18-Apr-04 05:56 PM EST

You may also want to check out the Red Deer Garden Club site at

They have a monthly to-do list.

Subject: RE: zone 3 and removing winter mulch
From: Jenny
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Apr-04 07:47 AM EST

Thank you Doris, Tom and Dawn for your quick response to my plea...I am going directly to those sites...thank you. Yesterday we had prolonged thunder storms with marble sized hail pellets, which were extremely good for at least my newly raked and fertilized lawns. Jenny

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