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Starting Morning Glories indoors

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Karen B.13-Apr-04 06:07 PM EST 3   
ramblin'rose13-Apr-04 09:27 PM EST 8a   
Karen B.14-Apr-04 11:38 AM EST   

Subject: Starting Morning Glories indoors
From: Karen B.
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Apr-04 06:07 PM EST

I want to start Morning Glories indoors and I want them to grow in a hanging basket. I was wondering if anyone would know approx. how many seeds would it take for a 10" planting pot? Also would I put a tall stick in the middle of the pot for them to climb or would they maybe vine and hang down ward if I didn't? Karen B.

Subject: RE: Starting Morning Glories indoors
From: ramblin'rose
Zone: 8a
Date: 13-Apr-04 09:27 PM EST

Hi Karen, answer to your query, there are shorter varieties of Morning Glories that would suit a hanging basket. Three would definitely be enough. Once they start with the output of twining growth, they tend to tangle. So maybe your idea of starting them out on a chopstick(I do this when seeding them in a 4' pot) is a good one, and eventually they begin to dangle downwards and you'll have the viney look you want! happy gdning! RR

Subject: RE: Starting Morning Glories indoors
From: Karen B.
Date: 14-Apr-04 11:38 AM EST

Ramblin' Rose thank you very much for answering my question. Appreciate it much.

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