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forget me not's on steroids!!

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Charlene07-Apr-04 12:31 PM EST 4a   
Susan07-Apr-04 02:10 PM EST 6a   

Subject: forget me not's on steroids!!
From: Charlene
Zone: 4a
Date: 07-Apr-04 12:31 PM EST

I would like to add forget-me-nots to my spring garden and love the effect when tulips are underplanted with these frothy blue sprays.... Now how do I go about this??? When do I plant the seeds (likely too late for this spring) and when do I cut them back and for heaven's sake, what do I do to them to get them to look like they do for everyone else? I'm not interested in a 'few' f-m-n's I want an ocean of them.. I'm in 4a somewhat south and west of Ottawa with a mostly sunny site that supports a wide array of perennials.. Thanks for your comments!

Subject: RE: forget me not's on steroids!!
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 07-Apr-04 02:10 PM EST

Buying plants is your only option for this year. To get loads and loads of plants in bloom for next year is easy. Plant some plants this year (and/or buy seeds); when the plants finish flowering, let them set seed; when they start looking really scruffy (they are biennials and the plant will die after setting seed...), rip out the plants and scatter the seeds when you want the plants to bloom - just shake the plants/seed heads over the area - scatter packaged seed too if you feel the need...; by August there'll be tons of seedlings coming up - those are the plants that will flower next spring. Each year scatter the seeds around when you're cleaning up the dying foliage and you'll soon have F-M-Ns as weeds....:-)

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