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Suggest a Clematis for this enviroment...

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Hort Challenged04-Apr-04 05:46 PM EST 5a   
G. 10-Apr-04 08:21 AM EST 2a   
doris13-Apr-04 09:21 PM EST 3   
dian15-Apr-04 12:03 PM EST 3b   

Subject: Suggest a Clematis for this enviroment...
From: Hort Challenged
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-Apr-04 05:46 PM EST

Pls suggest a Clematis that will travis in less than ideal living conditions: acidic soil; part shade; fairly dry. I know this is contrary to most kids of Clematis. Any suggestions? How about other vines for these conditions? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Suggest a Clematis for this enviroment...
From: G.
Zone: 2a
Date: 10-Apr-04 08:21 AM EST

Does our clematis need pruning in the spring? It grew very well last year & we left it to die on the we disagree on how to proceed. Thanks!

Subject: RE: Suggest a Clematis for this enviroment...
From: doris
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Apr-04 09:21 PM EST

To Hort Challenged: I have several clematis (alpina and the big-flowering kind) growing in part shade. (Alpinas and macropetalas in particular don't mind a bit of shade. Pale flowers on other types last longer and don't get washed out if kept out of direct sun.) However, they are growing in moist, alkaline soil. Any way you can add a bit of lime and compost, and keep the area well-watered?

To G: If you type "pruning clematis" as a "Google" search, you will find many, many references. Pruning largely depends on what kind of clematis you have. Here are three good sites for you to visit. They have detailed instructions; the third even has photos! Good luck.

Subject: RE: Suggest a Clematis for this enviroment...
From: dian
Zone: 3b
Date: 15-Apr-04 12:03 PM EST

The yellow Bill Mackenzie Clematis will grow anywhere it is very invasive It has small yellow bell shaped flowers In the fall it has powder puff balls of seeds covering it. I bougt mine from WWW.Botanus .com

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