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ed. in hamilton02-Apr-04 09:40 AM EST
Patricia03-May-04 06:57 PM EST 5   
Krystal27-May-04 08:42 AM EST 7b   
Catherine13-Jun-04 04:15 AM EST 3a   
Christal14-Jun-04 04:26 AM EST 9   

Subject: Avacodo's ?
From: ed. in hamilton
Date: 02-Apr-04 09:40 AM EST

Doe's anyone know how to grow from a seed (avacodo)? has anyone been sucsesful my children would like to try and I can find no info on the web or any of the great experts? thanks for any help.Ed.

Subject: RE: Avacodo's ?
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 03-May-04 06:57 PM EST

Ed - have you ever tried the search engine Google? It is amazing! Go to OK - now in the search section, write the word avocado then the word and and finally the word growing. Press "Search" and presto! you will get many websites describing how to grow an avocado seed. Have fun! Let me know if this works out for you. Patricia

Subject: RE: Avacodo's ?
From: Krystal
Zone: 7b
Date: 27-May-04 08:42 AM EST

Ed - I had a friend that has an avacado tree that she has grown from the giant seed. She got four of those shish-ka-bob skewers and stuck one gently in each side then she placed the whole thing over a bowl so that just the bottom of the seed was in the water. Make sure to keep the bowl full enough so the seed is in the water and it should sprout in four weeks I think hers took. I should mention that not all seeds will sprout. I seem to remember her having to try more than one. Good Luck hope this helps a little

Subject: RE: Avacodo's ?
From: Catherine
Zone: 3a
Date: 13-Jun-04 04:15 AM EST

Hi Ed. I found a website for growing avacado's from seed by doing a search on google. The suggestions included making sure that you peel off the brown skin on the pit, add a teaspon of instant tea and half a teaspoon of epsom salts to water in a glass, I used a 10oz mug. Keep the seed suspended with three toothpicks, at least half of the pit in the solution, in a dark cupboard for five days. Then place in a sunny location and keep the water level up. When the roots reach the bottom of the glass you should have leaves sprouting off the top. My pit is just about at this stage and seems to have a nice root system going with nice healthy foilage on top. Planting it will be a bit more intricate. You must have a hold deep enough to let the roots hang down and gently fill it in so that the foilage is above the dirt. I am hoping for continued success. But just go to google type in growing avacado's from seed and there is lots more info there. Good luck! Catherine

Subject: RE: Avacodo's ?
From: Christal
Zone: 9
Date: 14-Jun-04 04:26 AM EST

I have grown many avacado plants, one very successfully. I started them in small glasses fully imersed (i found when you put skewers into the seed it tends to start rotting more so if you dont use them) into water until it is about to crack open. When you start to see root you should but it in dirt. I also would put in a bit of super thrive for the roots to grow faster and stronger. I have had it for 4 years and just recently found that it loves full sunshine. It has doubled in height this last year. I feed it the same food I feed my houseplants. I hope this helps you.

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