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Christine23-Mar-04 04:23 PM EST 9a   
Wendy P24-Mar-04 10:31 AM EST 7   
24-Mar-04 11:11 AM EST   
24-Mar-04 11:59 AM EST   
Ann24-Mar-04 04:18 PM EST   

Subject: sunflower info
From: Christine
Zone: 9a
Date: 23-Mar-04 04:23 PM EST

After cutting off the bloom to harvest the seeds, will another sunflower grow back, or is that if for that season?

Subject: RE: sunflower info
From: Wendy P
Zone: 7
Date: 24-Mar-04 10:31 AM EST

Christine...It's great that you harvested the seed from your sunflowers. With the big ones - Russian Mammoth - many people leave the head intact and then hang it outside to feed the birds over winter. Sunflowers are all annuals. That means they're viable for one year. If you haven't eaten all your seed, you can replant in spring. Wait until April/May - though many seeds will survive the winter outside and sprout up on their own come spring.

Subject: RE: sunflower info
Date: 24-Mar-04 11:11 AM EST

Thanks for the info Wendy! I'm new to this sunflower thing... I will be working with the Velvet Queen variety. You can find a lot of information online on how to harvest them, but small details, like my question above, are not mentioned. What happens to the stalk after the flower is cut for harvesting?

Thanks again!

Subject: RE: sunflower info
Date: 24-Mar-04 11:59 AM EST

Ok, is it true that the Velvet Queen is just ornamental? As I said, I am new to this!

Subject: RE: sunflower info
From: Ann
Date: 24-Mar-04 04:18 PM EST

If you grow the giant headed ones, you will only have the one flower, the multi-stemmed ones flower longer.

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