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What will grow under cedar trees

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Patricia23-Mar-04 02:01 PM EST 7   
Wendy P24-Mar-04 10:44 AM EST 7   
Patricia24-Mar-04 01:31 PM EST   

Subject: What will grow under cedar trees
From: Patricia
Zone: 7
Date: 23-Mar-04 02:01 PM EST

We are in the processing of moving from the interior of BC to the Chwk. area. My yard has many huge cedar trees in it, any suggestions for what will do well under cedar trees. Thanks

Subject: RE: What will grow under cedar trees
From: Wendy P
Zone: 7
Date: 24-Mar-04 10:44 AM EST

Patricia - Welcome to the neighborhood. I operate my gardening business from my home on Broadway St. and at the Downtown Chilliwack Farmers' Market. If you come to me at the Market or the house, I don't charge for advice - much of it specific to individual's needs. Cedars can be difficult because they're so shallow-rooted and can even be poisonous to some plants. I have pretty good luck with epimedium and pachysandra [japanese spurge] as groundcovers. Please don't be tempted to put in ivy - it's a noxious weed that can kill native species. I usually plant a few feet from the cedars. "Found" decorative items or rocks/driftwood fill the space behind, if necessary. Rhodos and azaleas do well, as do Hostas. For more detailed suggestions, I can be reached at I look forward to sharing the same enviroment - most of us "planty"s end up finding each other eventually. Good luck with the move.

Subject: RE: What will grow under cedar trees
From: Patricia
Date: 24-Mar-04 01:31 PM EST

Thanks Wendy! If you have a gardening business we will most surely meet!! Thanks for the advice, I am very happy to hear that rhodos and azaleas do well under cedars. I am looking forward to growing those plants. There are a few straggly rhodos under the trees now, but they look sadly neglected, maybe they just need some TLC!

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