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audrey16-Mar-04 07:54 PM EST 3b   
Wendy P24-Mar-04 10:56 AM EST 7   
31-Mar-04 01:41 PM EST   
ALberto144430-Apr-04 08:28 PM EST 4b   
Ivy D.28-May-04 12:11 PM EST 3a   
kathaleen02-Jun-04 06:23 PM EST 3   
Patricia Smith18-Jun-04 12:05 PM EST   
barnswallow21-Jun-04 08:38 AM EST 7b   
Cleo27-Jun-04 07:51 PM EST 5   

Subject: buddleia
From: audrey
Zone: 3b
Date: 16-Mar-04 07:54 PM EST

my butterfly bushes die to the ground every year and grow to 4 or 5 feet in a season.started them from seed five years ago.easy and fast from seed

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: Wendy P
Zone: 7
Date: 24-Mar-04 10:56 AM EST

Audrey... Your Buddleia [butterfly bush] is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Out here on the Coast, they grow wild in the bush - especially in the areas along rivers. Left to their own devices they get HUGE. To keep the garden varieties under control and not too gangly, many people cut theirs back hard in Spring. Nowadays, there are many different varieties available at the Garden Centers. The yellow ones don't seem to grow as quickly, but the darker blues are my fav! Enjoy the flowers and remember not to use pesticides so your butterflies can enjoy them too.

Subject: RE: buddleia
Date: 31-Mar-04 01:41 PM EST

When you say huge, how huge? Would it be suitable in a small garden? i.e. 10 feet by 3 ft.

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: ALberto1444 (finleyrom@prodigy.net.mx)
Zone: 4b
Date: 30-Apr-04 08:28 PM EST

Dear Audrey, We have butterflies in common. Hope to chat with u on Sunday. Moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia. LOve wildflowers. Want to grow Marsh Rose & pasture thistle? ALberto1444

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: Ivy D. (Ivy.Davidson@telus.com)
Zone: 3a
Date: 28-May-04 12:11 PM EST

Audrey, I'm in Calgary, lots of contraversy about the butterfly bush here re our zone. Assuming you may be in this part of the country. Do you do anything special to overwinter your bushes? Also do you know a reputable supplier, can't find even one bush in Calgary - thanks

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: kathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 02-Jun-04 06:23 PM EST

I have tried growing Butterfly Bush here, and have had no luck overwintering - how cold and how much snow do you get???

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: Patricia Smith
Date: 18-Jun-04 12:05 PM EST

I planted a new butterfly bush last year and pruned both it and a mature one I have had for years. In the spring it showed small signs of life (a few small leaves) and the bush is firm in the ground (the root system) but something ate the leaves (insects or rabbits) and I have seen no sign of life on it since. Have I lost it ???

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: barnswallow
Zone: 7b
Date: 21-Jun-04 08:38 AM EST

I've been watching my buddleia and have noticed some sort of pest attacking the leaves. The damage is done from the center out leaving some almost like lace. What might come up through the stem network and how might I treat it without hurting the butterflies? P.S. I saw an article about making a standard from a butterfly bush by chosing the strongest stem in the spring and attaching it to a post. Might be an idea for a small garden.

Subject: RE: buddleia
From: Cleo
Zone: 5
Date: 27-Jun-04 07:51 PM EST

My buddleias had the same problem and I found out that earwigs did the damage. I put earwig traps ( look almost like ant traps) close to their stems and so far so good. The new shoots are growing and were barely touched. I think there is also a powder available that is safe for children animals and birds. Good luck to you Cleo

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