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Small garden planning

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Michelle Weidema15-Mar-04 05:44 PM EST 6b   
Sabine23-Mar-04 11:10 AM EST   
Carol 25-Mar-04 04:05 PM EST 5a   
Michelle04-Apr-04 10:16 PM EST 6b   

Subject: Small garden planning
From: Michelle Weidema
Zone: 6b
Date: 15-Mar-04 05:44 PM EST

I'd like to start planning my garden for this year. It's small, approx. 7 feet from my sliding door to the back fence and 12 feet wide (I live in a townhouse complex). My sliding door faces East so the north side gets all the direct sun for approx. 6 hours and the rest is partial to shade. Any website suggestions would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: Small garden planning
From: Sabine
Date: 23-Mar-04 11:10 AM EST

Hi Michelle, my garden is also a little one. Why don`t you just look in catalouges of plant delivery services and let you inspire of what you see?? Mix the colours, mix high plants in the back with small plants in the front, choose not only plants which are only green in summer so that your garden is not naked in the winter. Try and make some eperiments....that makes a lot of fun..... With sunny greetings, Sabine

Subject: RE: Small garden planning
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 25-Mar-04 04:05 PM EST

Sheridan Nurseries web site has a number of landscape design plans. Have a look. You might see something that appeals to you. It's

Subject: RE: Small garden planning
From: Michelle
Zone: 6b
Date: 04-Apr-04 10:16 PM EST

I'll check out that website...thanks! BTW, I also found some designs in the H&G website which were very useful.

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