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marsy05-Mar-04 02:56 PM EST 7a   
Serena06-Mar-04 01:13 PM EST 5a   
Carol07-Mar-04 04:45 AM EST 5a   
Glen07-Mar-04 12:11 PM EST 7   
Nancy08-Mar-04 02:38 PM EST 5   
pam09-Mar-04 07:09 AM EST 8   
Linda S.26-Jan-07 03:42 PM EST 6b   
Sunny27-Jan-07 09:53 AM EST 5b   
Sunny27-Jan-07 09:59 AM EST 5b   

Subject: rhododendrons
From: marsy
Zone: 7a
Date: 05-Mar-04 02:56 PM EST

i have a few rhodos and would like to know what i can do to prevent the leaves from going brown on the ends and shrivling up.. they look very unsightly .. thanks for your help...

Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Serena
Zone: 5a
Date: 06-Mar-04 01:13 PM EST

Hi from the East Coast. To the best of my knowledge, the leaves on the Rhodos that turn brown and curl up are due to wind damage. I believe they are only unsightly and not damaging the actual overall health. I believe that you can just pick them off to neaten up the look. Consider for next winter building a wind block- like 4 posts in the ground surrounding it and wrapping in burlap. Good luck.

Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 07-Mar-04 04:45 AM EST

I have 1 rhodo that was all but killed off from the winter of 2002/3. All that's left is a small side branch. I left it alone last year, and it's survived this winter, but there is no new growth elsewhere on the plant. Is there any hope for this sad rhodo?

Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 07-Mar-04 12:11 PM EST

Marsy-as was mentioned, wind could cause this brown end thing. In general, it is a lack of water, either summer drought, salt, or wind, or a combo of those.

Winter wasn't too bad here on the west coast, if that's where you are. Haven't seen anything like winter damage to rhodos this year.

On the other hand, lots of damaged and totally dead plants from last summer's drought. If you weren't able to get any water on those rhodos last summer, they have probably been damaged...which can take a while to show up.

I would try mulching, and getting some water on them during the usual summer dry period. Generally they will sail thru the winter here, need some help in Central/Eastern the wind protection mentioned. Summers are the tougher season in B.C.


Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 08-Mar-04 02:38 PM EST

I've had some success with using an antidesiccant (Wilt Pruf), sprayed on in late fall to keep the leaves from loosing too much moisture from the winter winds. What few branches the rabbits didn't eat still look pretty good. Have successfully done the burlap box thing too in previous years, but I tend to procrastinate and too often the ground gets frozen before I can put the stakes in.

Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: pam
Zone: 8
Date: 09-Mar-04 07:09 AM EST

hi, could anyone tell me how tall these rhodos will be? President Lincoln, Vulcan's Flame, Cheer, Ramapo- ( 4ft wide and low?). Azaleas: Hino Crimson, Golden Flare, Gump Red, Trayling Orange. I'm guessing the azaleas are all low 3 footers. Any advice is greatly appreciated they'd all love to get planted : )

Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Linda S. (
Zone: 6b
Date: 26-Jan-07 03:42 PM EST

We have two rhodos that are probobly 25 to 30 years old (I'm not exactly sure). We would like to move them from the front yard to the back. How easily is this done? Will they survive at this size? When do we do this...winter?


Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Sunny
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Jan-07 09:53 AM EST

Linda, Moving any tree of this age is risky. These rhodos could have been moved in late summer, early autumn, or you can try in early spring. However, you'll need to get a huge root ball. Using a tree spade would be safest.Then be sure all conditions are optimum in the new sit.After they're relocated, water,water,water! Keep us posted...

Subject: RE: rhododendrons
From: Sunny
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Jan-07 09:59 AM EST

Pam, Your Ramapo rhodo is a dwarf,about 3x3'.Of course, it may get a bit bigger in Zone 8, but not much. I haven't located the others yet, have you tried typing Rhododendron into a search engine?

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