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Ann02-Mar-04 04:49 PM EST 6   
Wendy P02-Mar-04 05:47 PM EST 7   
MARY03-Mar-04 09:34 AM EST 3b   
Valerie03-Mar-04 11:57 AM EST   
Wendy P04-Mar-04 11:27 AM EST 7   
Ann06-Mar-04 03:44 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Hummers
From: Ann
Zone: 6
Date: 02-Mar-04 04:49 PM EST

HURRAY !!! The Hummingbirds have made landfall in the USA, Spring can't be far behind. (I'm living in hopes)

Subject: RE: Hummers
From: Wendy P
Zone: 7
Date: 02-Mar-04 05:47 PM EST

YAY!! Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I've been signing off on my personal correspondence with the "weeks till spring" countdown starting right after Christmas. My crocus, mini-daffs and iris have been blooming for a while and the tulips are poking up out of the ground. Spent the day with my Mom gardening at her place. I'm tired and sore but feel really good. Vive Spring!!

Subject: RE: Hummers
From: MARY (
Zone: 3b
Date: 03-Mar-04 09:34 AM EST


Subject: RE: Hummers
From: Valerie
Date: 03-Mar-04 11:57 AM EST

Oh the wonder of spring! I am also envious - only not green yet.

Actually, there is hope in the air - the tips of the tulip and daffodil leaves are beginning to work their way towards the sun. Haven't seen any crocus or even snowdrops yet, but it can't be long....can it??

Subject: RE: Hummers
From: Wendy P
Zone: 7
Date: 04-Mar-04 11:27 AM EST

I'm glad you ladies in the Great White North are patiently waiting for Spring. I thought I'd let you know [just to twist the blade a bit] that I've spent the last week doing serious gardening - moving shrubs and perennials, pulling back the mulch and starting the awful weeding [I WILL NOT let them get ahead of me this year -Ya, right].

In case the slush is too much, we still have room for you out here on the Left Coast. If you need a "snow fix" we are surrounded by mountains and the ski resorts aren't far away. It did snow a few times this winter - the schools were even closed a couple days.

Enjoy your pre-season time to plan and conspire about the fabulous garden you'll create and bask in the glory of. You're all invited out any time - do try to make it before the zoo that will be the 2010 Olympics. Best wishes to everyone for a great season ahead and see you all on the Web!!

Subject: RE: Hummers
From: Ann
Zone: 5b
Date: 06-Mar-04 03:44 PM EST

Well, amazingly all our snow has just about gone and I see my snowdrops !! They are so tough those little things. Oh Wendy, what a show off you are....We were in your neck of the woods last August and found it just so beautiful.

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