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Hamilton in March

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Carla17-Feb-04 08:39 AM EST 5b   
Susan18-Feb-04 05:19 AM EST 6   
Derek20-Feb-04 07:36 AM EST 6a   
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Carla23-Feb-04 10:41 AM EST   
Nancy23-Feb-04 01:54 PM EST 5   

Subject: Hamilton in March
From: Carla
Zone: 5b
Date: 17-Feb-04 08:39 AM EST

I am going to be in Hamilton from about the 13th of March until the 19th and would like some input on where I should visit. I am mostly interested in gardening and am hoping there are gardening based venues: ie. nurseries, botanical gardens, etc. that are open at this time. Anything in the Hamilton area that you would consider worth a visit would be great. My son is there for a hockey tournament so we have some free days for touring around. We are travelling from P.E.I. and anything green and living would be a welcome sight. All suggestions appreciated. Thanks Carl

Subject: RE: Hamilton in March
From: Susan
Zone: 6
Date: 18-Feb-04 05:19 AM EST

The obvious place to start is the Royal Botanical Gardens which are on the border of Hamilton and Burlington. At the rate we're going re cold and not much melting, there may not be anything much outside to see but the greehouses are nice and they have a good selection of books for sale in their shop. Also, they have a good display of forced bulbs in the entrance to one of the greenhouses every spring.

Canada Blooms is over by then but the Statford Garden Festival is on Mar 11-14. I'm planning to go this year for the first time - I've heard that it's quite good. Statford isn't too far away from Hamilton so, if you want to go for a drive, it might be a good place to go. There's information on the show at:

Subject: RE: Hamilton in March
From: Derek (
Zone: 6a
Date: 20-Feb-04 07:36 AM EST

As you are coming from PEI I imagine you might go to Niagara Falls. This is less than a half hour from Hamilton. Once you have admired the Falls go up river a short distance and there is a very nice greenhouse there which houses many birds as well as the plant life. Parking should be free at this time of year near the greenhouse and admission used to be free - not sure anymore. Take a look at this link for ather things at the Falls area.

Subject: RE: Hamilton in March
Date: 22-Feb-04 04:12 AM EST

There are lots of nurseries not far from the various arenas. Look in the yellow pages and then ask at your hotel for directions. The RBG is also a fine suggestion. I'm sure you won't want to drive for hours in your quest.s

Subject: RE: Hamilton in March
From: Carla
Date: 23-Feb-04 10:41 AM EST

Thanks for your advice. Will check out your suggestions. Am planning on going to the Success with Gardening with the in-laws while I am up there. Has anyone been to this show? We are now digging out from a major blizzard (record breaking) and any sign of spring will be most welcome.

Subject: RE: Hamilton in March
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 23-Feb-04 01:54 PM EST

Success with Gardening would be a good choice. If you haven't seen the website, here's the link:

I've been in the past, but not recently, as it's conflicted with Canada Blooms. Have found it worthwhile, and plan to attend again this year. If you need better directions let me know.

Derek must have been flying low to get from Hamilton to Niagara Falls in a half hour. I've found it to be closer to an hour, about the same time it'll take to get to the Success with Gardening Show. Niagara also has a very nice Butterfly Conservatory at the same site as the Botanical garden. Well worth checking out.

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