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Hypertufa pots

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Sandy 07-Feb-04 10:12 AM EST 4b   
Bruce09-Feb-04 08:04 AM EST 3   
09-Feb-04 08:05 PM EST   
PatA12-Feb-04 11:43 AM EST 3   
doris15-Feb-04 12:14 PM EST 3   
Terry 24-Feb-04 08:53 PM EST   

Subject: Hypertufa pots
From: Sandy
Zone: 4b
Date: 07-Feb-04 10:12 AM EST

Has anyone had any experience in making hypertufa pots? If so, any hints or tips on what to use for containers to mold them in? What are measurements for the cement, peat moss and perlite. Thanks for any help.

Subject: RE: Hypertufa pots
From: Bruce (
Zone: 3
Date: 09-Feb-04 08:04 AM EST

Hi Sandy. I have never made these pots but I do have the recipie for them. Here it is. Mix 2 parts peat with 1 part sand and 1 part portland cement.When dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed, slowly add up to 1.5 parts water or until you get a paste firm enough to hold it's shape. Anything can be used for a mold but line the molds with plastic or treat with petroleum jelly to make the pots easier to remove. Let dry for 3 days before removing from mold. After another 2 days work it with a wire brush to give it the weathered look.

Subject: RE: Hypertufa pots
Date: 09-Feb-04 08:05 PM EST

Thanks for the help and tips. I will try it in the spring when weather is warmer.

Subject: RE: Hypertufa pots
From: PatA
Zone: 3
Date: 12-Feb-04 11:43 AM EST

Dont't forget to stand a few short dowels or sticks in the bottom. You can either push or drill them out afterwards for drain holes.

Subject: RE: Hypertufa pots
From: doris
Zone: 3
Date: 15-Feb-04 12:14 PM EST

Hi, Sandy. Have you tried a "Google" search for hypertufa pots? There are lots of instructions and hints on the web, including illustrations that might make the task easier. Your local library might also have books on the subject--I know mine does. Good luck and have fun.

Subject: RE: Hypertufa pots
From: Terry
Date: 24-Feb-04 08:53 PM EST

Our recreation department made these pots with our seniors in an Extended Care Unit and it was really rewarding. We found plastic dishpans and the large 14" plant pots worked the best for molds. We planted them eventually and sold them at our bazaar. They naturalize in the garden, look pretty with herbs and give an attractive feature to focus on. Do your prep on a tarp or sheet so you can contain the spills,have buckets and heavy duty sticks for mixing and rubber gloves for your hands. Good Luck

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