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Chestnut leaf mold

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Val01-Feb-04 09:44 AM EST 8   
Susan03-Feb-04 08:11 AM EST 6   

Subject: Chestnut leaf mold
From: Val
Zone: 8
Date: 01-Feb-04 09:44 AM EST

Is it safe to use chestnut leaves to mulch the garden (leaf mold) or add to the compost? The pile has been sitting since last fall. I've heard that they give off a certain unfriendly "residue".

Subject: RE: Chestnut leaf mold
From: Susan
Zone: 6
Date: 03-Feb-04 08:11 AM EST

I assume you're probably talking about a horse chesnut since there are so few true chestnuts around these days....? If so, I know of no reliable information that says they are allelopathic so should not cause a problem by using them in compost or leaf mold. The fruit(nuts) are poisonous to eat- perhaps that's causing the confusion?

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