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carolsz28-Jan-04 06:20 PM EST 5b   
Joan30-Jan-04 10:04 AM EST 6b   
Will Creed, Interior Landscaper01-Feb-04 02:10 PM EST   

Subject: saga palm
From: carolsz
Zone: 5b
Date: 28-Jan-04 06:20 PM EST

I would like to know if anyone could give me some information on saga palms. They are a tropical and sit on the earth like a pineapple with five stiff ferns coming from the pineapple crown. I bought 2 from the building box and there was no info on them. Does anyone know anything about these very unusual plants? Thank you...

Subject: RE: saga palm
From: Joan
Zone: 6b
Date: 30-Jan-04 10:04 AM EST

Re: Your saga palm... Could it be sago palm? It sounds like a type of cycad that grows as a houseplant only in Canada.

Subject: RE: saga palm
From: Will Creed, Interior Landscaper
Date: 01-Feb-04 02:10 PM EST

Hi Carol,

The sago palm is a very ancient species with green, flexible, needle-like leaves that look like feathers. The sago fronds grow from a central crown.

It does best in bright indirect light, although it can adapt to moderately low light, as well. The sago palm needs to dry out quite a bit in between waterings and it should stay in a small pot. It will rarely need repotting.

The sago is tropical in origin and will not tolerate cold temps. It is pretty resistant to pests, but will occasionally develop scale.

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