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Siberian Iris "Caesar's Brother"

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Subject: Siberian Iris
From: Dawn
Zone: 3
Date: 20-Jan-04 09:36 AM EST

I'm having trouble with my Siberian Iris. This past summer it was 4 years old and was purchased as a one gallon size. The first couple of years it never bloomed and last year it only had one blossom. I know that other iris shouldn't be planted to it possible that it's planted to deep? I planted it the same depth it came in the container. It's in a partly shaded area.

Subject: RE: Siberian Iris
From: Jeff (
Date: 23-Jan-04 08:38 AM EST

Has your iris grown(increased in the number of fans)? I would begin to wonder whether it is getting enough sunlight and just as important is the amount of water. If it is planted within the root zone of a fair sized tree, then this could be a problem for the iris. the tree/ shrub or bush may be hogging all the moisture. If the clump is really large, then the problem may be that the plant has depleted the soil of nutrients. If this is a possiblity then I would dig up the plant and mix in peat moss and lots of compost. this would also be a good oppurtunity to divide the clump and try a piece in another spot to see what happens. I don't hink you could do any harm to it if you were to simply try and fertilize it in the spring with Miracle gro 15-30-15 every week.

without knowing more on the description of the garden it is planted in I can't think of much more.


Subject: RE: Siberian Iris
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 23-Jan-04 01:56 PM EST

Not enough light was the first thing that came to mind for me too. They can take some shade but to get decent blooming they need more sun than shade.

Subject: RE: Siberian Iris
From: Dawn
Date: 23-Jan-04 02:02 PM EST

Sorry Jeff. I should have given a bit more info. I have 3 Caesar's brother and none have bloomed. All were in a front flower bed in full sun in between some shrubs and one mature ornamental crab tree. I thought the tree roots may be interferring, so two years ago I moved one of the iris into a side yard flower bed that is in part-shade. There are no trees or shrubs in this bed. When I first started this bed 4 years ago I amended it with lots of compost. The ferns and hostas love it as they have really taken off. I moved one of the other ones to the farthest point away from the tree to see if that has made a difference (no). The last one I divided and placed around the front flower bed. New planting holes were amended with peat moss and compost. Both the front & side beds are mulched. I don't think they have increased in the number of fans but have increased in height. I have even tried a water-soluble fertilizer of 15-30-15 every 2 weeks, but still no flowers. So all have been in a new spot for two years, one left undivided in a new spot, one undivided moved to part-shade and one divided. Not one has flowered, so I'm wondering if there is some other explanation.

Subject: RE: Siberian Iris
From: jeff (
Date: 24-Jan-04 08:23 AM EST

Based on what you've told us, I would have to guess that theamount of sunlight may be the limiting factor. can you move one of you clumps to a spot where it would get full sun.

Subject: RE: Siberian Iris
From: Dawn
Date: 24-Jan-04 11:01 AM EST

I guess I still didn't explain myself well enough. Two out of the three are in full sun. One of the two has been divided with the other left intact. The third, left intact, has been moved to part shade. I have tried to eliminate the amount of sun as a factor.

Subject: RE: Siberian Iris
From: (
Date: 27-Jan-04 06:00 PM EST

I have 3 siberian iris in a shade garden. They are on the east side of my house so they are in full shade after about 4 hours of sun. The soil was amended with a lot of manure and peat moss and stays very damp. They did not bloom the first year but were really putting on a show last year. The hummers loved them. I think that they may need to be divided and will take a couple of years to get use to the new spot.

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