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Wilt Pruf

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Trish12-Dec-03 04:59 PM EST 8   
JoanneS15-Dec-03 11:35 AM EST 3a   
Susan15-Dec-03 01:39 PM EST 6a   
Glen16-Dec-03 09:47 AM EST 7   
trish18-Dec-03 04:15 PM EST 8   

Subject: Wilt Pruf
From: Trish
Zone: 8
Date: 12-Dec-03 04:59 PM EST

I have just moved to Powell River, B.C. and have been experiencing severe winds. We are very exposed to the ocean winds.

Would Wilt Pruf be helpful to New Zealand Flax, Purple Fountain Grass and other grasses. They are being really battered by the winds.

If so, does anyone know where I can purchase this product. The local garden centers did not have any information.


Subject: RE: Wilt Pruf
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 15-Dec-03 11:35 AM EST

Try asking them for anti dessicant. I believe it is the same thing. I use it for all my tender (well tender for me) plants to keep our prairie winds from drying them out.

Subject: RE: Wilt Pruf
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 15-Dec-03 01:39 PM EST

I use Wilt Pruf as an anti-dessicant for my rhododendrons and on my Mahonias It seems to help somewhat in preventing leaves drying in the winter but I'm not sure what good it would do for grasses. I thought part of the charm of grasses is that they dry in the fall/winter and the dried leaves are attractive for the winter. I doubt that Wilt Pruf would do anything to protect against battering by winds - it sounds like the grasses need shelter not an anti-dessicant....

Subject: RE: Wilt Pruf
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 16-Dec-03 09:47 AM EST

Trish-as mentioned the grasses won't be protected from wind, just from dessication by the wilt-pruf. I've also used something called Hot pepper max which is a similar product made from pepper oil.

It's helpful on the south coast of B.C. with our broadleaved evergreens, or any evergreen i guess, that get's hit by those wicked northeast arctic blasts. Thankfully we haven't had one yet this winter, or for a few winters now, but they are sure to come some day.

Interesting thing about phormiums I read recently is they are from New Zealand and naturally live in very windy conditions. They actually suffer from areas with too little air movement (mildew). So you have chosen well, according to that source of info!

The purple fountain grass won't overwinter here, it's zone 9 and rotted for me last winter (which was zone 9 actually, but still too wet apparently). Just enjoy the nice waving leaves and heads thru the winter...

So basically I guess you could get one of these anti-dessicants in case there's an arctic outflow, otherwise you should be fine. Phormiums have sailed thru the past several winters, it's all the huge dracaenas around here that are going to croak when the first real winter finally comes along!

I realize I'm probably not picturing how windy your spot really is, tho I'm on top of a 425 ft. hill a few miles from the ocean here, and sometimes wonder if the plants will wind up in the neighbour's yard to hear it blowing out there (like last night and today again).

good growing up there,


Surrey, BC

Subject: RE: Wilt Pruf
From: trish
Zone: 8
Date: 18-Dec-03 04:15 PM EST

Thanks everyone - I'll leave well enough alone and see what happens. This new area is going to be another learning experience for me.

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