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Dave27-Nov-03 05:46 AM EST 5b   
janice27-Nov-03 01:37 PM EST   
Pata08-Jan-04 07:01 PM EST 3   

Subject: Aulyander
From: Dave
Zone: 5b
Date: 27-Nov-03 05:46 AM EST

Look, I can't even spell it!

I have had this plant in a pot for 4 years. It is about 5 feet high. It is outside in the summer and brought inside in winter.

It gets the usual leaf drop but in a month or so a soft white material developes along the stems where the leaves have dropped off. Then I get leaf curling and dropping again.

Any advice?

Subject: RE: Aulyander
From: janice (
Date: 27-Nov-03 01:37 PM EST

dave, would that be oleander?

Subject: RE: Aulyander
From: Pata
Zone: 3
Date: 08-Jan-04 07:01 PM EST

Hi Dave I tried earlier to help but I guess it got lost in the server problems.

I suspect your oleander? may be the victim of mealy bugs. They are very small insects that form cottony nests. They live under this mass, sucking the juices out of the plant and producing oodles of offspring. If your plant has lots of them it can cause the leaf drop you mention. The nest forms a barrier so they can't be controled with an insecticide spray. Use a coton swab or pad dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe them off. Don't miss any or they'll be back quicker than you can say 'infestation' The plant can be sprayed with a mild insecticide for house plants a couple of times a week to get any young who haven't formed a protective cotton nest yet. Hopefully after a week or two your plant should be pest free. Check it for pests regularly and keep it segregated until you're sure it's clean. Good luck!

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