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fruit flies in kitchen

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Annette24-Nov-03 10:54 AM EST 6a   
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Annette25-Nov-03 10:42 AM EST   
Sandy Zone 3b25-Nov-03 06:06 PM EST   
Doktor Doom26-Nov-03 12:14 PM EST   
Ann29-Nov-03 04:36 PM EST 5b   
Trish29-Nov-03 06:15 PM EST 3   
Will Creed, Interior Landscaper01-Dec-03 05:42 PM EST   
Vic12-Dec-03 07:09 AM EST 2b   
Darlene12-Dec-03 03:24 PM EST   
Doug D.15-Dec-03 12:51 PM EST 4   
Will Creed, Interior Landscaper17-Dec-03 04:10 PM EST   
donna18-Dec-03 07:21 AM EST 3a   

Subject: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Annette
Zone: 6a
Date: 24-Nov-03 10:54 AM EST

Ok, so I left the fruit out and suddenly appears the fruit flies. I've been keeping all fruit and everything off the countertops, but they don't go away as fast as they appear. Is there anything I can sit out for them? I put a dish of vinegar out and caught these little flying bugs about the size of fruit flies, but they have yellow and black stripes on them. Don't know what they are, but the vinegar worked, but now I need an idea for the actual fruit flies. Anyone have an idea other then chasing them around my kitchen with the Raid?

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Kristine
Zone: 5a
Date: 25-Nov-03 10:17 AM EST

I just had the same problem a couple of weeks ago. The only solutions that I could come up with were: clean counters and wash dishes after every meal; if you must leave dirty dishes out rinse them first; and take out the garbage from the kitchen every couple of days. They do go away but it may take between one and two weeks.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Annette
Date: 25-Nov-03 10:42 AM EST

Thanks Kristine...I've been trying to do, I'm always trying to do that, or get my daughters to help me keep it done up!! The garbage every couple of days!!! here it gets filled so fast I changed it twice a day and grump because it seems like it's all I ever do as everyone keeps tossin stuff in till it's fallin off the gull'm making some headway though, my daughter changed it last night without me asking...*S* I'll keep at it and see if these pesky visitors will go visit someone else soon.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Sandy Zone 3b
Date: 25-Nov-03 06:06 PM EST

I heard on a gardening program the other day at night before you go to bed, pour some cooking oil into the drains because this is where they come from!

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Doktor Doom
Date: 26-Nov-03 12:14 PM EST

This little bugs could be fungus gnats that surface out of soil in your house plants or they could be fruit flies regardless of what they are this will help

Doktor Doom House & Garden spray would be an asset.

This product applied directly to dry soil and allowed to dry-prior to watering the plant- leaves a lasting residual on the soil surface that will eliminate the gnats as they surface through the top of the soil.

Other applications would include applying the product to the underside surfaces of your counter tops, refuge areas, refuge containers etc. One application will last for months.

Hope this helps.

Doktor Doom

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Ann
Zone: 5b
Date: 29-Nov-03 04:36 PM EST

If you live in a rural area and have your own septic system I would advise against putting cooking oil down your drain. The flies will eventually go away on their own once their life cycle ends which is usually only a few days.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Trish
Zone: 3
Date: 29-Nov-03 06:15 PM EST

LeeValley Tools sells fruitfly traps that are very effective.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Will Creed, Interior Landscaper
Date: 01-Dec-03 05:42 PM EST

If you have potted plants about, then check the surface of the soil for fungus gnat larvae. Pour some water on the soil surface and look very closely for little translucent bodies swimming about as the water pools on the surface. If you find them, then you have fungus gnats.

If so and you would prefer a non-pesticidal remedy, let me know.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Vic
Zone: 2b
Date: 12-Dec-03 07:09 AM EST

Will, what is the remedy. I'm crawling with fungus gnats from my amaryllus soil. Thanks

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Darlene
Date: 12-Dec-03 03:24 PM EST

Check your onions. Fruit flies are notorious for growing in a rotten onion 'way down at the bottom of the bag, and you won't find it for a long time if you don't go looking for it.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Doug D.
Zone: 4
Date: 15-Dec-03 12:51 PM EST

There seem to be two common species of fruit flies, Canadian and Irish. Best way to rid the flies is to place a shallow bowl filled with beer or water with a shot of whiskey on the kitchen counter, wherever the flies are thick, or near a lamp which will attract the pests. Before long critters will stop by for a short drink, get snockkered, then drown peacefully in the liquid. Guaranteed! 8-) Doug D.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: Will Creed, Interior Landscaper
Date: 17-Dec-03 04:10 PM EST


Adult fungus gnats fly around and are an annoyance, but they are not harmful to people. Each gnat lives for about 5 days. The trick is to get rid of the next generation - the gnat larvae that live in the top layer of the soil. The larvae feed on decaying organic matter. Decaying pine bark in potting mixes and decaying plants roots feed the larvae. Try to keep the soil as dry as possible. Remove all loose soil from the surface and put a light layer of coarse coir (coconut husk) or sand or diatomaceous earth on the soil surface. These substances have sharp edges that carve up the larvae. (Recent studies indicate that fine-textured peat moss also deters gnat larvae.)

Another safe technique is to place ½ inch slices of raw potato on the surface of the soil. After a day or so, discard the slices along with the larvae inside. Repeat this until there are no more larvae in the potato.

For more serious infestations try Knock-Out Gnats to treat fungus gnats available from Gardens Alive for about $20. See

Detection trick: Add a little water to the soil and then look very closely for tiny fungus gnat larvae swimming in the water as it pools on the surface. You need good light and good eyes to see them. If you don't, then your plant is probably gnat free.

Prevention is often the best remedy. Use sterile potting mixes that are free of bark chips. The potting mix should have ample drainage material, such as perlite so that it drains well and allows the soil to dry out frequently. Fungus gnats can nearly always be traced back to overwatering and/or poor soil quality.

Subject: RE: fruit flies in kitchen
From: donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Dec-03 07:21 AM EST

I would also like to mention that one of the sponsors on this site, Doktor Doom, makes a spray for fungus gnats.

Please check their site out for further information and support the sponsors!

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