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Canna Lillies

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Martin26-Oct-03 10:03 PM EST 5a   
Glen27-Oct-03 07:07 AM EST 7   
Martin27-Oct-03 07:13 PM EST 5a   
Jeff Young28-Oct-03 04:24 AM EST   
Ken McManus28-Oct-03 02:41 PM EST 5a   
Germaine31-Jan-04 10:39 AM EST 3   
Valirie03-Feb-04 10:15 AM EST 5   

Subject: Canna Lillies
From: Martin
Zone: 5a
Date: 26-Oct-03 10:03 PM EST

I have all my Canna Lilly roots washed and dried. They are ready to store in peat moss or sawdust. I will probably spray they with Damp Off or vinegar to prevent rotting while in cold celler storage. Does anyone have any other ideas to prevent them from rotting?---I don't want to lose any of them

Subject: RE: Canna Lillies
From: Glen
Zone: 7
Date: 27-Oct-03 07:07 AM EST

Martin-the dahlia fans like to dip their tubers into a dilute bleach solution, for say a minute, then dry them totally before packing in vermiculite.

Any cut surfaces, they dust with powdered sulfur. I tried this with dahlias last winter and it worked perfectly, maybe the cannas would do just as well.


Subject: RE: Canna Lillies
From: Martin
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Oct-03 07:13 PM EST

Thanks Glen I will try this, because I have a few cut edges and three plastic trays of canna lilly roots.

Subject: RE: Canna Lillies
From: Jeff Young (greenthumbguy@rogers.com)
Date: 28-Oct-03 04:24 AM EST


I grow lots of Cannas. I can only base my advice and recommendations on my own experiences. I wash the tubers and let them air dry. I have tried storing them wrapped in newspaper and in shavings. It doesn't really matter. The results were the same. The most critical factor is storage temperature. You need to keep them above 45 F. Last year I was so rushed that i was only able to get the tuber washed and in the basement. They sat on the floor of the basement for the entire winter. The average temperature is about 60 65F. I never did wrap them up. As a matter of fact, our cats climbed and played on them. This past spring I cleaned them up a little and potted them up. They did amazing.

I have never, nor would I recommend spraying or dipping them unless you have a problem. As for the cut ends, i just let them dry out and they will be fine.

hope this helps you out. Don't worry too much, they arte really tough.


Subject: RE: Canna Lillies
From: Ken McManus (ken@kenmcmanus.com)
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Oct-03 02:41 PM EST

I grow Dahlias and Cannas. Until recently I successfully used the vermiculite method. Was always concerned because inhaling vermiculite is not good. Dahlia friends started wrapping tubers, individually in Saran. I will now only do this - absolutely no loss to rot or withering. Last year - first time- I wrapped cannas in Saran. Worked great. Added advantage - far less storage space required. I also agree with the 40 to 45 degree storage temperature. Regards, Ken

Subject: RE: Canna Lillies
From: Germaine
Zone: 3
Date: 31-Jan-04 10:39 AM EST

I'm in zone 3 -Sask.Have never grown but would like to try.Any recommendations?

Subject: RE: Canna Lillies
From: Valirie
Zone: 5
Date: 03-Feb-04 10:15 AM EST

I have always stored my canna lily bulbs in brown paper bags. I poke holes in the bags and then store them in my fruit cellar. Around March 1, I plant them in pots and place in front of my patio doors. This give them a good start before placing outside in the garden.

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