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sarah m17-Oct-03 10:39 PM EST 3a   
Ann13-Nov-03 04:40 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Name that shrub !
From: Ann
Zone: 5
Date: 08-Oct-03 04:45 PM EST

I have a shrub I cannot identify:- It is arching in growth, long narrow leaves, with a thorn underneath. Mauve potato-like flowers and orange/red berries that were eaten as soon as they were ripe. Similar to Berberis but I know most of these have yellow flowers. Any ideas?

Subject: RE: Name that shrub !
From: sarah m (
Zone: 3a
Date: 17-Oct-03 10:39 PM EST

Fascinating - I love this game. Where does it grow so well? ie what is its microenviro -hot, shady ? i am tempted to guess it is might be a Salt Bush or evena Russian Almond, tho' latter's flowers are more pink than purple. I am hazarding a guess even though I will readily admit I have no idea what a flowering potato looks like.

Subject: RE: Name that shrub !
From: Ann
Zone: 5b
Date: 13-Nov-03 04:40 PM EST

Could you give me the Salt Bush's botanical name ? Definitely not a russian almond. Do you know what a tomato flower looks like? The same as my shrub only mauve. The berry is mushy, so will try and save some seeds.

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