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Help with moving my container plants

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Trish02-Oct-03 12:38 PM EST 8   
ChelCass02-Oct-03 06:17 PM EST   
Annette02-Oct-03 06:30 PM EST 6a   
Trish03-Oct-03 06:11 AM EST 8   
Lori04-Oct-03 09:45 AM EST 5a   

Subject: Help with moving my container plants
From: Trish
Zone: 8
Date: 02-Oct-03 12:38 PM EST

I haven't had any responses to my message on how best to move container plants. Time is running out for me and I really don't know the best thing to do.

Can someone PLEASE give me advice????? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Help with moving my container plants
From: ChelCass
Date: 02-Oct-03 06:17 PM EST

Hi Trish,

Where do you want to move them to?? Are these really big plants?

Subject: RE: Help with moving my container plants
From: Annette
Zone: 6a
Date: 02-Oct-03 06:30 PM EST

I've moved most of all my container plants inside, if that's what you mean. I dug up my impatient last year and brought it in and it did awesome this summer, so left it in the pot outside and bought another triple bloom impatient and dug it up and potted it, to see how it winters over. I'm never sure what will winter over, but I know if I leave my pots outside they will just die...though I'm not positive on that. I've left some pots outside and I'm going to protect them under something and tip some on their sides, bring some in, put some in our shed, some in our storage room and just experiment and see what works. Last year I brought in my Begonia. I didn't take it out of the soil or store it in a cool dark place. Just hung it up in my laundry room in the basement, that has one little window and the furnace in there, cut it down, and started watering it in the spring and I had the largest plant of my life this summer. I couldn't believe it. So I'm bringing it in again this winter, leaving it in the pot, cutting it down when it starts to slow down and see what it will do. Mostly experiments.

Subject: RE: Help with moving my container plants
From: Trish
Zone: 8
Date: 03-Oct-03 06:11 AM EST

Moving - as in moving house. I have 6 large containers (half barrels, etc.), containing clematis, japanese maple, passion vine, grasses. I am moving in early November to the Sunshine Coast. Some of these plants will then be planted in the ground.

I wondered if I could remove them from the containers, wrap the roots in garbage bags, leaving the rest open. They may have to be kept like this for a couple of weeks - I would water, of course.

Does anyone think this would work? Or is it best to leave them in the containers and hope the moving company can handle them??

Subject: RE: Help with moving my container plants
From: Lori (
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-Oct-03 09:45 AM EST

Trish....from my moving experiences, movers will either not take plants or will not guarantee moving plants. Hopefully someone with more insight will be able to tell you if the bag idea would work. Best of luck with your move.

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