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Carole28-Sep-03 03:43 PM EST 2   
Will Creed, Interior landscaper28-Sep-03 06:40 PM EST   

Subject: Spathiphyllim
From: Carole
Zone: 2
Date: 28-Sep-03 03:43 PM EST

Again, same problem.. have two spathiphylliums neither of which will flower for me. Have changed locations from hallway (well light and facing east) to bathroom near frosted window, facing north and west, and now in dining room facing south. Appreciate some help please.

Subject: RE: Spathiphyllum
From: Will Creed, Interior landscaper
Date: 28-Sep-03 06:40 PM EST

Peace lilies bloom sporadically, but not constantly. They must be quite potbound and get lots of bright indirect light. An occasional dose of fertilizer at half strength will also help.

Even with all of that, some spaths rarely bloom because they are hybrids that were bred for leaf shape, size, and color rather than flowering.

Do what you can to provide good light, but otherwise be happy with whatever you have.

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