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Subject: Bouganvillea
From: Carole
Zone: 2
Date: 28-Sep-03 03:38 PM EST

My Bouganvillea will not flower. It grows well, looks healthy is in a sunny disposition on a deck facing west during the summer months, and in our basement during the winter. Has never flowered for me. What do I need to do to help it along?

Subject: RE: Bouganvillea
From: Will Creed, Interior landscaper
Date: 29-Sep-03 05:45 PM EST

Bougainvilleas will bloom indoors, but they will not bloom year round. If you want it to bloom next summer, you will need to give it a bit of a rest from now until March. It can stay outside as long as night temps are above 45 degrees. After that keep it in a sunny window where it is cool - temps of 45 to 55 degrees are best. Allow the soil to dry out more than you did this summer, but not completely dry. Do not fertilize or repot at this time. The key is to keep it barely alive during the winter.

In March, prune your plant back sharply. Flowers appear on new growth, not older woody stems. If your plant is seriously potbound, spring is the time to repot. However, bougainvillea must be moderately potbound to bloom, so if in doubt, it is better not to repot. When flowers begin to appear later in the spring make sure your plant is getting lots of direct sunlight everyday. It can be moved outside when night temps are above 60 degrees.

Subject: RE: Bouganvillea
Date: 25-Jan-04 01:53 AM EST

In S fla--the best way to quickly grow cuttings into a trellis that will flower? Thanks

Subject: RE: Bouganvillea
Zone: 9a
Date: 03-Jun-04 09:16 AM EST

I received a gorgeous 7 ft. tall bougainvillea for Mother's Day. It has dropped most of its blooms. It is outdoors near our pool and gets full sun. How can I get it to flower again?

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