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perennial petunias ! ?

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Kent29-Aug-03 03:29 PM EST 3   
Ann30-Aug-03 04:01 PM EST   
Joelle01-Sep-03 12:39 AM EST 3   
Kent02-Sep-03 04:41 PM EST 3   
peggy11-Sep-03 08:41 PM EST   
JoanneS17-Sep-03 11:25 AM EST 3a   

Subject: perennial petunias ! ?
From: Kent
Zone: 3
Date: 29-Aug-03 03:29 PM EST

I planted petunias last year in a fairly exposed site in a zone 3 garden. There are a whole bunch of them that have come back again this year. Is that normal? I know that pansies have no problem reseeding but I've never seen petunias do the same trick. Also, how can I propagate those petunias to see if I can get more of them to overwinter. I would appreciate any help I can get.

Subject: RE: perennial petunias ! ?
From: Ann
Date: 30-Aug-03 04:01 PM EST

Wow, that sounds amazing, did they come true to type? I would definitely save some seed and maybe take some tip cuttings to overwinter in the house as well as repeating what you did last year !!! Let us know what happens.

Subject: RE: perennial petunias ! ?
From: Joelle
Zone: 3
Date: 01-Sep-03 12:39 AM EST

Yes if you don't disturb the soil your petunias will continue to self seed. Mine do and you will end up with some weird looking flowers.

Subject: RE: perennial petunias ! ?
From: Kent
Zone: 3
Date: 02-Sep-03 04:41 PM EST

So far all the ones that have come back have been the same as last years. Ann, you mention tip cuttings and collecting seed? Do you or anyone else know how to accomplish this? thanks

Subject: RE: perennial petunias ! ?
From: peggy
Date: 11-Sep-03 08:41 PM EST

Last year I had a wave petunia in a hanging basket along one of my back fences. This year I have a 25 foot wave petunia hedge growing along that same fence from seeds from that one basket. It actually looks kind of cool and the plants are true to colour-so far. Can't wait for 2004!!

Subject: RE: perennial petunias ! ?
From: JoanneS (
Zone: 3a
Date: 17-Sep-03 11:25 AM EST

The only petunias I had last year were hot pink wave petunias. In an area where I had the baskets sitting over the winter, a hot pink petunia grew. It is in a terrible petunia growing area, lots of shade, but has been blooming continuously, although not vigorously, for the last month. Amazing. Another reason to love wave petunias.

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