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Mary Dancey27-Aug-03 05:46 AM EST
Susan27-Aug-03 02:20 PM EST 6a   
Judy Brooks05-Sep-11 09:29 PM EST 5   

Subject: What is safe to plant.........after borer has
From: Mary Dancey
Date: 27-Aug-03 05:46 AM EST

Hi all,

My iris' were dying this summer so I started to dig some up and found a big stinky, wet mess where the bulbs used to be. I did read through the recent postings about the borer and what to do but sadly my iris' were all past any point of saving....there were no hard parts.....only mush. :(

So now I would like to know......does the borer only pick on the it safe to plant something else there along the fence line?

Thanks Mary

Subject: RE: What is safe to plant.........after borer has
From: Susan
Zone: 6a
Date: 27-Aug-03 02:20 PM EST

As far as I'm aware, the moth whose caterpiller stage is the iris borer, only attacks members of the iris family. However, if your iris rhizomes were just mush, you probably have bacterial soft rot and I think that might attack other plants too, particularly things with bulbs or rhizomes or soft, fleshy stems. To be on the safe side, it would probably be best to clean up the area thoroughly and leave it unplanted until next year at least. You might want to then avoid planting anything there that has rhizomes or bulbs.

Subject: RE: iris borer
From: Judy Brooks (
Zone: 5
Date: 05-Sep-11 09:29 PM EST

I too am having a battle with iris borer. Until now they had been my beautiful trouble free sensations. I have one that is half yellow and half blue and I cannot give up on it. From all the literature I have read finding a reliable source of nematodes and using them at the right time can be helpful. I have read that cleaning up all dead leaves, and debri from the damaged iris is very critical (send it to be burned) as the insect that starts the cycle of the borer lays eggs on dead leaves, etc. where the iris are growing. I also believe that if you clean off the mush with the hose and remove the borer which is probably still there in one of the tunnels and then soak the corms in a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water overnight (24 hrs.) and then get a better picture of what is left. If you have 2 roots that are healthy and cut the rest away you should be able to replant them. I figue its worth a try. Judy

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