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Lyn22-Aug-03 05:09 PM EST 3a   
Olivia Morris22-Aug-03 08:56 PM EST 6   
Annette27-Aug-03 12:19 PM EST   
Olivia28-Aug-03 06:04 PM EST 6   
dm28-Aug-03 10:36 PM EST 3   

Subject: Calla Lilies & Easter Lilies
From: Lyn
Zone: 3a
Date: 22-Aug-03 05:09 PM EST

I have a calla liliy and an easter lily that I would like to keep over the winter. What is the best way for me to do that?

Subject: RE: Calla Lilies & Easter Lilies
From: Olivia Morris
Zone: 6
Date: 22-Aug-03 08:56 PM EST

Calla lillies are not winter hardy, dig up the bulb and repot in fresh soil. Bring indoors and keep them in a cool dark place for the winter and water lightly just to make sure the soil is just damp. Bring it into the light in early spring and start to fertilize and water. Come summer you can place them back outdoors if you like. I have kept Callas this way for many many years. When they become root bound you can separate the tubers or share them with friends. You can also plant them in the garden when all threats of frost are gone. Hope this helps you. The Easter lillies can be planted outdoors but in your zone may not be hardy. Planting them close to the house where they would get some warmth may help as well as mulching them. Good Luck

Subject: RE: Calla Lilies & Easter Lilies
From: Annette
Date: 27-Aug-03 12:19 PM EST

I have Call lillies for the fist year and I'm going to dig them up and bring them in. I'm glad I read this. My Easter Lily I keep in a pot in my house. The leaves are getting a lot of brown edges though. I don't know why it isn't happy. I have read about how much light and water they need. Water well and no direct sunlight. It is about 5 or 6 feet away from a East facing patio door. I'm still searching to try to find info of why the leaves are browning up.

Subject: RE: Calla Lilies & Easter Lilies
From: Olivia
Zone: 6
Date: 28-Aug-03 06:04 PM EST

The Easter Lily is going through its cycle. It grows, blooms, sets its bulb and dies back. They need a rest period. Easter Lilys are not houseplants that stay green all year long. After the leaves turn brown leave the bulb to rest and then start watering and fertilizing.

Subject: RE: Calla Lilies & Easter Lilies
From: dm
Zone: 3
Date: 28-Aug-03 10:36 PM EST

According to Ken Beattie (Get Growing on the WNetwork), calla lilies can be treated as indoor plants over the winter (provided you have enough room and light--and feed them with high potassium fertilizer). On his show, he said that this makes for larger plants the next summer. Taking him at his word, I successfully overwintered my calla lily as a houseplant last winter. Mind you, it was a miniature! If you attempt this, make sure you give it two doses of insecticidal soap (plant and soil) spaced about a week apart before you bring the lily inside. See his advice re: calla lilies on his website:

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