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brugmansia help

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Kim Hurren17-Aug-03 10:15 AM EST 5a   
Rob21-Aug-03 06:57 AM EST 3   
JEFF30-Aug-03 08:09 AM EST 6a   
Bruggy man05-Sep-03 06:23 AM EST 6b   
Thornton Clark09-Sep-03 07:17 AM EST 8b   
Brenda Knudson28-Sep-03 03:06 PM EST 4   
annieappleseed11-Oct-03 11:49 PM EST 9   
Brian Jack O'latern26-Oct-03 08:50 PM EST   
Denise Patrick28-Oct-03 10:10 AM EST 5a   
12-Nov-03 06:22 AM EST 5a   
illaway30-Jan-04 10:34 AM EST 5   
Elle C. (Markham)30-Jan-04 03:19 PM EST 5a   
eileen30-Jan-04 08:49 PM EST 7   
04-Jun-04 09:29 AM EST   
Tee05-Jun-04 11:19 AM EST 7b   
eileen09-Jun-04 07:38 PM EST 7   

Subject: brugmansia help
From: Kim Hurren
Zone: 5a
Date: 17-Aug-03 10:15 AM EST

Doesn't seem to matter what I do, many of the leaves are turning yellow. I have fertilized heavily this summer, maybe it is just too hot. All the plants were repotted this spring with fresh container soil in very large tubs. All, except one, have had many blooms

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Rob
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Aug-03 06:57 AM EST


If you are talking about Brugs(the flowers point down) I have found that they like to be rather root bound before they send out buds. I've also found that later on in the season,(maybe with the decresing intensity of the the sunlight) they tend to drop their leaves no matter what. I've also found that they tend to resent large planter boxes. Mine have done the best in small pots, with well drained soil, which of course means watering them a lot when it it hot! Hope it helps


Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: JEFF
Zone: 6a
Date: 30-Aug-03 08:09 AM EST


Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Bruggy man
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Sep-03 06:23 AM EST

Depends on what you've been feeding it, i'm organic and use a ratio of 1-1-1 and foliage feed with kelp.

what ratio do you use?

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Thornton Clark
Zone: 8b
Date: 09-Sep-03 07:17 AM EST

Having become addicted to Brugmansia, I have dozens of varieties in large clay pots that have to be brought inside for three months of potentially sub-freezing temperatures just southeast of Savannah. I got hooked with plain old yellow Brugs before discovering pinks, some incredible double whites, such as Candida, and most recently the German variety, Herrenhauser Garten" which is a dark orange double.

The leaves stay a lush green and the blooming is incredible as long as I fertilize at a much higher rate than I would ever have imagined. The six foot plants in 18 inch pots take a full gallon of water each day if they are in full sun during July and August. The ones not exposed to the winds off the Atlantic can take a little less. I read a posting about small pots and Brug's needing to be pot bound. I find that the large plants blow over too easily unless they are in a very large pot, breaking off the fragile limbs. They also wilt in the middle of the day unless given ample water, and in this heat that would be impossible without a large pot.

I use plain old Miracle Grow at full strength, giving the big pots a gallon each, usually TWICE A WEEK. Some to the Brug's are left in the ground for the winter under heavy mulch inside of wire cages for the winter. In some cases, the primary trunk survives a mild winter and gets a head start in the spring. The blooms make all of the effort worthwhile.

The ones that do not receive as much fertilizer tend to turn yellow, so my impression is that heavy doses of fertilizer are the key.

Good luck.

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Brenda Knudson
Zone: 4
Date: 28-Sep-03 03:06 PM EST

I've just started growing brugmansia. I have brought mine in for the winter. How do I care for them during their stay indoors?

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: annieappleseed (
Zone: 9
Date: 11-Oct-03 11:49 PM EST

Brugmansia's are awesome. I recently discovered that they love overhead watering with a hose. It tends to keep the spider mites at bay. I fertilize with lots of compost and compost tea. I leave mine out in CA during winter but they are under the eaves of the house for frost protection. They smell Heavenly!

Subject: Die I say Die!
From: Brian Jack O'latern
Date: 26-Oct-03 08:50 PM EST

Die you Tomatoes, Lettuce, Potatoes, Sweet Peas and Clematis.

Die off and dry up.

What a scary thought if you were of those species, but that is just part of their annual cycle.

Happy Haloween.

Have a good winter rest and begin agaon in the Spring


Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Denise Patrick
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Oct-03 10:10 AM EST

I have had 5 Burgmansia for 5 years, yellow,pink, 2 white and a varigated leafed yellow. Every year the yellow gets better and better. This year the fall bloom had a total of 300+ flowers. What a show. Reading some of the other emails I agree with Thornton Clark re feeding. They are HEAVY feeders. I use Miracle Grow from the begining of April till end of Sept.My Yellow and Pink are in 28" pots. When I put them out in the spring they are 3 foot tall and about as wide as the pot. In the fall, end of Sept begining of Oct they are 9ft tall and aprox 8ft wide. This happens every year, after they finish blooming I hack them back, saving the cuttings for new babies to give away or sell. I think that by the time the mother plants produce as many blooms as they do in the fall my plant has more blooms than leaves. It is sooo important to maintain the food source. I give a tbsp in a 2 gal pot every day from July till end of Aug.(the hottest time of the summer)and usually an ice cream pail with 1/2tbsp of Miracle grow once or twice a day the rest of the time.The amount of water depends on the size of the pot and the size of the plant. I think the reason I like these plants is that they have and attitude. If they do not like the location they are in they let you know it by droping their leaves. I find the white ones I have do not like the sun as much as the yellow or pink. Of the 5 I have the yellow seems to be the strongest, but the white has the sweetest smell.

If Mr. Clark reads this email I would love to know where he got the other types of plants. I would love to expand my selection.

Happy gardening to all Denise Patrick

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
Zone: 5a
Date: 12-Nov-03 06:22 AM EST

Brugmansia dislike hot sun during the mid summer months. Try a light shade area with lots more water.

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: illaway
Zone: 5
Date: 30-Jan-04 10:34 AM EST

I have two pink brugs, just found out a few months ago how much water/fertilizer they required - my what a difference that made. They're indoors of course right now but healthier than they've ever looked. I would love to get my hands on different colors. Do cuttings survive mailing? Where (in Canada preferably) could I obtain either seeds or cuttings?

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Elle C. (Markham)
Zone: 5a
Date: 30-Jan-04 03:19 PM EST

I have seen this grower's Brugs in Canada Blooms a couple of years ago, and they were awesome! He lives in Toronto.

The photos are really amazing. Drool time :o)

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: eileen (
Zone: 7
Date: 30-Jan-04 08:49 PM EST

I have several yellow brugs and they are in 20"pots--to heavy to move around. I would like to winter them outside but wonder if any one in Zone 7 has done it and how? I thought that I would put a chicken wire surround and fill it with leaves, will this be ok? This year we had a few days of -8c. I prune them back to about 12" Hope someone can help me. Eileen

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
Date: 04-Jun-04 09:29 AM EST

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: Tee
Zone: 7b
Date: 05-Jun-04 11:19 AM EST

I've wintered mine outside for years. There are several preparations you have to make first. Also, not all brugs will make it back.

At the end of the growing season and before the first frost, I prune my brugs all the way down to the ground. I keep some of the cuttings from the pruning to root over the winter just in case my brug doesn't make it back next year. Mulch heavy. The idea is to keep the roots from freezing, if they freeze then I'm afraid that your brugs will not make it back. After the last frost of the year rake your mulch back. Be warned now, if your brugs make it through the winter when they come back they usually come back hardier and bigger than before.

Subject: RE: brugmansia help
From: eileen
Zone: 7
Date: 09-Jun-04 07:38 PM EST

Thanks Tee, I'm afraid I lost my yellow & white brug over the winter, but had several cuttings of each, (many above the "Y" and have buds on those, I have since purchased a Herren-hauser garten and a Rosalind pink, so am going to try to winter over my cuttings and baby my new purchases in the house, for now!! eileen zone7

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