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Perennials and Bulbs

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Kim16-Aug-03 04:28 PM EST
Solo17-Aug-03 05:14 PM EST 5   
TexasWildFlower03-Sep-03 01:20 PM EST 8   
Cottonwoods07-Sep-03 04:44 PM EST 3a   
Donna08-Sep-03 10:10 AM EST 5b   
Char08-Sep-03 10:45 PM EST 8a   
raul11-Sep-03 12:19 PM EST 9a   
12-Sep-03 10:57 PM EST   
Bob 17-Sep-03 10:19 AM EST 5a   
Nancy18-Sep-03 02:27 PM EST 5   
Nancy18-Sep-03 02:31 PM EST 5   
Donna21-Sep-03 09:54 AM EST 5b   
jeannine landriault22-Sep-03 09:02 PM EST 4a   

Subject: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Kim
Date: 16-Aug-03 04:28 PM EST

I don't know the first thing about gardening and really needs some help. I live in Kelowna BC, have no idea what zone and map doesn't work. I would like to plant some bulbs and I guess perennials, if you can plant them in the fall? Can someone tell me what types of bulbs to plant, what types of perennials to plant and when they should be planted for this area. I would like to have some flowers in the garden area next spring/summer, but I really need some help.


Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Solo
Zone: 5
Date: 17-Aug-03 05:14 PM EST

Kim - best suggestion is to get a catalogue from a local garden center/nursery/supplier - look through it - and order what you like! The catalogue will tell you all about each plant & how & when to plant it etc.

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: TexasWildFlower
Zone: 8
Date: 03-Sep-03 01:20 PM EST

Better yet, go to your local plant nursery. They will have in stock what you should plant at this time of year. Catalogues are a GREAT source of information. Just don't to check out what the plant or bulb size (spread) will be like a year or two or more down the road. Spacing is important.

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Cottonwoods
Zone: 3a
Date: 07-Sep-03 04:44 PM EST

I'm from Edmonton and I'd like to plant some daffodil bulbs for spring flowering. Is this a good time to do it?

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Donna
Zone: 5b
Date: 08-Sep-03 10:10 AM EST

Hi, I believe this question is related to the thread of discussion. I live at Christina Lake, B.C. (Southern,on the border of Washington state)and since this is the first winter here after retiring from Alberta, I am wondering whether I can leave my Calla, Stargazer and Oriental lillies in the ground this winter. I thought I'd cut them off at the ground and cover with bark mulch. Would this be the proper method? I also have a lovely 4 ft. tall Canna Lily that is planted in the goround in a warm sheltered spot close to the house and even though I have been told it should be lifted and replanted, I wondered if this could be left in the ground as well. Lifting and planting in pots to bring inside to a cool spot, seems to be such a hassle. How about Dahlias. Would they die if left over winter or should I lift the tubers and store as in Alberta? Please advise.

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Char
Zone: 8a
Date: 08-Sep-03 10:45 PM EST

Dear Donna, Please take the time to lift all of your bulbs & tubers, I live in a warmer zone than you & I take in my Cannas & Dahlias. You can wait until the first frost to dig them up.Hope this helps.

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: raul
Zone: 9a
Date: 11-Sep-03 12:19 PM EST

Callas, cannas, dahlias, begonias, ranunculus, gladioli, elephant ears, amaryllis and other tender bulbs should be lifted after the first frost or they will not survive the cold temps. you have up there.

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
Date: 12-Sep-03 10:57 PM EST

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Bob
Zone: 5a
Date: 17-Sep-03 10:19 AM EST

#1) What is the best way to winter lilies that have been planted in containers on my balcony? Can it be done? They bloomed beautifully this summer and the plants, although flowerless now, seem very healthy. I would like to keep them for next year? What should I do?

#2) What do I do with with a potted DATURA for the winter? It has also bloomed wonderfully during the latter part of the summer. Can it survive a winter indoors?

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 18-Sep-03 02:27 PM EST


Leave your lilies in the ground for the winter. The asiatics and orientals (Stargazers) will be just fine in your zone.

I'd take your cannas and dahlias indoors, if I were you. Mine'll go into a box with some peat moss and into the basement until early March. Just make sure they don't dry out completely.

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 18-Sep-03 02:31 PM EST


Daffodils should be planted any time now. They're the one spring bulb that prefers to be planted earlier rather than later, from what I've been told. Tulips can go in right up until the ground freezes.

Good luck!

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: Donna
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-Sep-03 09:54 AM EST

Thanks to everyone for their input. Nancy, I will leave my lilies in the ground, I think, even my Callas. You mentioned to lift the Canna and Dahlias. I usually do store my Dahlias over winter in peat in a dark cool place with great success. But last year I stored my Cannas like that and even though they were kept reasonably moist, they didn't make it. I was going to lift them(planted in the ground)and put in a pot, cut back and then keep it in a cool dark place this time. Do you think this will be OK?

Subject: RE: Perennials and Bulbs
From: jeannine landriault (normanlandriault4@msn.com)
Zone: 4a
Date: 22-Sep-03 09:02 PM EST

i am in the process of making a hedge with perrinials .i have hostas,lily of the valley ,delphiums,apple tree,snowball bush,hydriengia.lilacs,hardy lilys,miniature roses,sweet williams.i also have a gazebo and aound it i have perenial white morning glorys and poppies.am i missing anything

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